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   Chapter 44 Bonus

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This sequence is from the time when Phoebe and Niccolo were newly secretly married and no one knew about it yet.

Phoebe point of View

If I thought Nicco was a very well thought-out person, then I am finding myself evaluating my scrutiny again. Because right now, I don't see him using his brain much.

Last evening, I had asked permission from Mrs. Clara for attending Sienna's impending wedding with Leonardo and thankfully, she agreed to give me a leave for a couple of days. Though she doesn't know that I'm going to the same wedding that her grandson is attending as well, she asked Nicco to drop me at the destiny in his car very conveniently.

The ride was silent but not awkward at least. It was going good until we reached Leonardo's house and met Sienna.

Everything was... good expect for Nicco keeping a vigilant eye on me every now and then.

"You are gorgeous Ms. Smith." I heard the blonde guy with these flirty eyes complimenting me with a smirk.

What should I say now?

Thank you? Or that I'm not that gorgeous? Or should I first correct that I'm not Ms, but a Mrs.

I looked around to see Valentina, Leonardo's sister, give me a playful raise of an eyebrow, gesturing me towards the open garden where Nicco was watching me like a angry hawk.

Oh no!

"Anxiety suits you, you know. Your beautiful eyes pop out a little and I think you turn pink when you are nervous." He continued pulling a fresh flower from the nearby vase and handed it to me.


Not wanting to be rude, I took the flower and placed it back into the vase. I don't want this young guy to be in heaven or hell yet just because he gave me a flower.

"Thank you." I stuttered and stepped back a little when I observed the weather turning hot around the place. If it was not for the daggers Nicco's eyes were throwing, then I would have blamed it on global warming.

"So, you know what people call me?" He asked me leaning back to a table, cornering me towards the delicate vase but still giving me enough of my personal space.

I looked at him with confusion evident in my features. He presented me with a playful smile and scrunched my forehead in question. "People dear to my heart call me Liam. I'm Leo's second cousin."

He introduced with a smile and that when I observed him clearly. He was tall, more on a lean side and has boyish looks. He looks like is same age as me but can be younger too.

He is good looking and a smooth talker is what I observed from the moment he cornered me and started asking my details. But then, no smart and smooth talking can entice me as I've already lost my heart to someone else.

"Nice to meet you. I – have to go now." I said taking a side step to walk away but he blocking me and smiled amusingly at me.

art was calling for you?" Nicco asked me directly.

Heavens, please save me!

"I – I –" I stuttered unable to form a good reply but was saved by Liam who cut in, only to make things worse.

"You both knew each other" Liam's question to Nicco threw me off balance.

"Ah yes, Mine is one of the hearts that keeps calling for her." Nicco said seriously to which Liam laughed and patted Nicco's shoulder.

"Man, if she already has your claim then all you had to do was just say it. Poor girl, she looks so terrified." Liam laughed looking between both of us and walked out into the garden leaving both of us alone, not before telling me to contact him if Nicco was not taking care of me.

Nicco's eyes trailed until Liam left his sight but the promise of hurting him is still there in his eyes.

Once we are alone, I did not even raise my head to look at him because I know his anger was not really towards but the situations between us has given another sour feeling to him.

I gulped audible and took calming breaths before slowly looking up to see him standing close to me with not even an inch space. He pushed me to the wall harshly but still gently and lifted my chin with his hand.

"Bella..." He breathed out close to my mouth. His lips are dangerously close to mine and his hands were pinning me to him. "Listen carefully because I am going to say this only once, Bella II Mio. You are mine. Period. There might be several issues between us but you are only mine and make sure to introduce yourself as Mrs. Phoebe Russo rather than Ms. Phoebe Smith. I don't care you believe in our kinship or not but it matters to me how others know and see you." With that he pressed his lips to mine into a mind numbing kiss.

More like a kiss of a lesson!

Holy Mother, Possessive Nicco is not a right person to rattle.


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