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Flashback continues...

Niccolo Point of View.

"NICCOLO RUSSO!" Ah, the little demon is on fire again. What happened now that she is calling me by my full name?

"Yes, mio cioccolato." I smiled at her when she entered my penthouse with fire in her eyes.Beautiful! No wonder I find myself thinking about her the whole time from the past four years.

She was with me or not the only thought that can cross my mind is about her.

What was she doing?

How was she?

It's been few hours that we last saw, is she missing me?

It has been four years that I first bought her from auction for a couple of nights and I didnt know I would be being with her for good four years.We are still friends, best friends now, no doubt; but the more I am with her, the more I am learning about her and the more I yearn to have her by me.

I don't know if she has that same feeling or not because in all these years, if there is one thing that I understood clearly about her is she is slow. She takes her good time to take up something.

Huh...! She sure has patience of a saint.

"Why did you do that?" She exclaimed angrily, her eyes throwing draggers at me and her hands folded in to fists tightly.

Hahaha, adorable!Age did matured me but not her yet. She sure got close to me enough to show her displeasure but not enough to see the love I have for her in my eyes.

What am I to do with her?

I didn't even get to kiss her even once because I f***ing respect her.

"What did I do that got your skirt on fire, Bella?" I chuckled when she took deep breaths to control her rising frustration.

"You assaulted the Don's son? Damn Niccolo, he is in hospital fighting for his life!" She yelled at me loudly. Ah, the awakening of siren season 3 is here.

"He deserves it." I said nonchalantly returning my attention back to the office papers I was reading.

"Niccolo –"

"And he deserved it. It is good that he is fighting for his life. Once he lives, he will die every minute of his life for touching you." I said lifting my head and looked into her eyes with deadly determination.

I should've shot him in the middle of his eyebrows for touching Bella against her will but then again, killing is a very lenient punishment so putting him in extreme would be the better option.

"Niccolo, " She sighed and came sat beside me after taking two minutes of calm breaths. "Niccolo, it is common people to taunt, misbehave with me and mistreat girls like me and I got use

ll pink lips. I know her from past few years but it was only time that told me how important she is to me." I said taking a sideways glance towards her.

Her forehead creased in a frown but her lips still contain a small smile. How contradicting!

"Oh wow." She said lacking any excitement or emotion in her tone. If I was not trying my hard to know my place in her heart, I would be laughing at the expression she is giving me.

"Definitely a wow she is. I met her like a friend but slowly she has become a very important part of my life. I tell her about everything good or bad and sometimes seek her opinion too. She is good at thinking with heart, you know. I find her so adorable." I pinched her nose which smirking at her.Her face dropped down with an upsetting scowl.

Didn't she still get whom am I talking about?

"She was only my friend at first but slowly she started being a woman I always think to have as a family with. There has been many incidents where I showed my possessiveness towards her unintentionally and few times, extreme jealousy had made me want to just attach her to myself even single minute. I slowly found an urge to lock her up in a tower castle, far from the eyes of other men."

"I – see" She cleared her throat, "I see you do love her so much." She said in a very plain casual tone which made me pull my hair in irritation.Dear Lord! Grace this girl with some important senses.

"I call her my chocolate and no I did not take her to my bed yet." I said and closed in to her face, holding her chin delicately. "Because I am planning to loose my virginity to her when she is ready for it."


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