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Flashback continues...

Phoebe Point of View

It has been a month I saw Niccolo last time.

That night after securing my self-respect, he went out of his house, leaving me with the doctor. His friend who came with the doctor followed Niccolo and that was the last time I saw Niccolo.

The next day and night was to be spent with Niccolo as well but he did not return whatsoever but he did make sure to send a girl to give me necessities and food.

I was confused. I did not know what was better and what not. Was having Niccolo with me was a relief to me or was staying alone?

All I wanted was to be left alone and when finally I was given the space I needed, I felt as if it was not right.

I felt guilty for putting him in a tight spot that night. He was not the reason for my current situation and moreover he was trying to make me comfortable and help me but being emotionally wrecked, I showed my gratitude by making him leave his own house.

Such ungrateful person I am!

"Move B***h, hurry up. Your Master is waiting for you." The supervisor lady pushed me harshly towards an awaiting luxurious looking car.

After that night, I was not booked by anyone thankfully but just this morning, the House received money to book me with some stranger man for the night.

I saved myself that night anyhow, but how many nights would I be able to put up with this? How strong can I be to avoid this happening?

How many days should I live with this fear, God! Should I be like this for those thirteen long years?

The driver opened the back side car door for me and I was pushed inside it unceremoniously bumping my head to the top of the car.

My only dream right now is to run away from here and beg on streets to live if needed. But in this one month I understood what Niccolo said that night. I understood how powerful the Escort house authorities are.

They have eyes everywhere. It is like they have a record on number of times a person sneezed too.

Though I was provided with room of my own on the far end of the west wing, I can still feel being watched. Girls who live here were mostly forced into it due to many reasons. I do not have any friends here nor I have any enemies; some girls are just polite and civil with each other and it was through them I learnt of the punishments that girls receive if they try to escape or try to end their life.

I was so thankful to Niccolo that he told the authorities how the cut on my hand was caused when he we were spending the night in bed.

The bruise of Passion, he said!

Heaven knows what that means but it helped me.

"W-where are we going, sir?" I asked the driver who started driving me through the busy lanes of the city.

"To where boss is waiting for you, Ma'am." He answered shortly.

I guess, tonight is the night that I lose my dignity. There is no way to escape from their clutches now.

I was so engulfed in my own thoughts that I did not notice the halt of the car and my side of the car door was already open. When I jerked out from my thoughts, I noticed a hand waiting for me to take it. I looked up to see the owner of the hand and was shocked to say the least.

What is he doing here?

"Get out, we need to go." He said emotionlessly and pulled me out of the car. The driver that drove me nodded his head to him before leaving from there.

"Niccolo" I called him but he did not respond at all. All he did was walking in front of me while he held my hand in his.

Did he buy me for the night?

But why? I did nothing but create awkward situation for him.

We walked out of the elevator and entered his penthouse that he took me last time. No matter how many times I see this house, it always amazes me with its beauty and elegance.

Rich are so lucky. All the tough and evil things only happen to poor. If only my parents have enough money, I wouldn't be here.

"Sit down, I will get you some water." He mumbled and walked out leaving me alone in

his bedroom.

Argh! Now what should I tell him?

How do I apologize for my selfish action I did last time?

No I should first start with thanking him for being so kind to me. Yes, I should do that.

He walked in with a glass of chilled water for me which I need the most at this time. I drank the water thirstily in a hurry and looked at him through my eyelashes at the awkward silence that embraced us.

"I am... Than-"

"I'm sorry." We said at the same time. My eyes widened at the sudden apologies I am receiving from him.

What is he sorry for?

"No, no, Niccolo. I am sorry that I put you in a tight spot and only thought about myself. I should apologize for letting my emotions control me and... and behaving like a wild animal." I dropped my head lower in shame.

He touched my chin and looked into my eyes with mixed emotions. "I understand you, Bella. I am sorry because I let out my anger on you. You were already not in your right senses at that time and I should handle it with calm mind. I'm sorry" He hugged me tightly and rubbed my hair affectionately.

Tears brimmed in my eyes when strange warmth enveloped me. Is it because of being a teenager that his simple hug gives me unspeakable wave to me? It is like some magic was fogging around me.

"Thank you." I hugged him back. "Thank you for helping me, consoling me, putting up with my tantrums, h-hugging me and buying me." I whispered.

"Now that we talked about past, I want to talk about present now." He said with a grin and sat me on the bed while taking a seat beside me.

He cocked an eyebrow and looked at me expectantly before bringing his hand in front of me. "Will you be my friend?" He smiled at me an asked.

I cannot believe he asked me to be his friend?

I looked at him for good ten minutes without blinking to decipher the alien sitting beside me. He is rich and comes from a very good family then why would he want me to be his friend?

What man what to be friends with girls like me? Even suppose I was not an escort, I am still a poor helpless girl, then why?

"You..." I stuttered and blinked several times trying to look for anything fake in his eyes which I did not find. "You want to be my friend?"

"Ah ha, yes. What is so shocking in it? I find a very good friendly material in you so I don't want to lose the opportunity to make such a friend." He chuckled lightly.

What is wrong with the creator of human race? On one side he made people like the boss who sold me off and on the other hand he made angels like Niccolo.

Is Niccolo really a human?

"Are you really a human?" I asked without thinking which I regretted later when he laughed out loud.

Aha, why did I say that?

"Nope. I think I'm demon waiting to consume your soul." He laughed out. Once his laughter came to a halt, he took my hand and shook it saying, "I do not take NO for an answer, by the way. You are my friend from this very minute so feed it in your brain." He said seriously before kissing my hand to seal our friendship.

"What if you don't want to be my friend anymore in future?" I asked because he was bound to leave me one day when his parents or friends reprimand him for talking to a girl like me.

I have no friends till this date and if I make a really good friend out of him, then the time he goes away from me would break my heart beyond repair.

I should not put my complete faith in this small relationship we are forming. A tread which is destined to break one day cannot be used for support forever.

But... but Niccolo can never hurt me, right? He always treated me better and consoled me when I cried. He was there when I needed a crying shoulder and never complained about anything.

"That means, starting that day you are more than a friend to me and I hope that day comes soon." He smiled and wrapped his pinky finger around mine and stamped our thumbs sealing the promise.

Can I be a deserving friend to him?


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