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Flashback continues...

Niccolo Point of View


She is in a sensitive situation right now also very lost with no clue of what to do further or how to handle the problem she has in her hands and all you care about is your dislike for being called Master?!

Such a heartless person you are, Niccolo!

She is such an innocent doll who needs care and kindness and I, being a stupid person, displayed my anger on her.

But after listening to what happened to her, I could not help feel a high sense of protection towards this young girl. Not only innocent and beautiful but I don't know what is that this girl has in her because she keeps on pulling my attention towards her. It is like I can only think of her or has no thoughts at all.

Who exactly are you, Bella?

What is it that you keep yourself in a very high place in my mind?


Maybe not, because I do not feel the need to f**k her. The need she creates in me is something very... pure. It makes me what to know her more, stay beside her and just talk to her.

"Bella, open the door." I knocked the bathroom door hardly so I yelled her name to open the damn door.

She will not die!

I cannot let her give up on her life. For God's sake, she is the very first woman apart from my aunt and grandma that I find trustworthy.

I did not buy her from the auction to satisfy my sexual needs. If I really want to satisfy my needs then there are more than enough women who are willing to sleep with me.

I – I just... I just like her for some weird reason. She doesn't talk much, she's a very emotional person, she makes me want be a calm person around her and surprisingly I kept my temper in check from these past hours of being with her. Though she makes me a person of contrary, I still like her.

"Bella, stop doing anything crazy and open the door please. Look, we can think together and get you out of that place." I heard frantic footsteps from the other side of the door but she did not attempt to open the door.

I waited for a while and yelled out for her to open the door and when she did not, I bumped into the door several times to open it before she does what she intend to.

"Please stop. I don't want to be a woman like the supervisor lady. Please let me solve my problem my own way, Niccolo. If I am dead, then I don't have to go through the torture and self hate for long years of my life. I know you would lose a lot of money but if I am dead then I'm sure they give you your money back." She whispered back in a hoarse voice which got screechy from all the crying.

"I know Bella and trust me I understand you but dying is not the only option sweetheart." I tried to convince her but the desperation to escape has clouded her senses. After several attempts, I finally tore down the door and immediately ran inside when I heard a painful cry from her.

The cold bathroom floor slowly started to tint red. I rushed to the falling body and caught in my arms, with no further ado; I pulled my handkerchief and tied it tightly around her cut wrist. Her eyes were blinking hard and seem like she couldn't gather what is happening around.

Feeling anxious about Bella's careless act, I placed her unconscious body softly on bed and called the person who can help me in situations like this.

"Dude, Nic, Is this any time to call a person who is peacefully having pleasure?" I heard Valdemar groaning from the other side.


"Vald, I need you to immediately get your a** up and take Dr. Marks to my penthouse right now." I said hurriedly as Bella is still bleeding in spite of wrapping a cloth around her wrist.

"Dude, are you okay? Did you faint during s*x by any chance as it is your first time?" He tried to joke but I am not in kidding mood. This man should know when to be serious and when to not.

I said to bring the doctor and the first thing he comes up with is me fainting? Senseless Ba****d.

"Just get the damn doctor, Vald and make sure to be silent. Do not create a ruckus while getting here." I ordered and cut the call. My first priority is to look after the young girl until the doctor arrives. I can't just sit and talk to Vald like a long lost girlfriend.

There is always a first aid kit in my room so I used my limited knowledge and cleaned the wound with antiseptic liquid and wrapped gauze around it for now. It is better now since the ble

eding finally stopped after cleaning it.

Oh Bella, this is not how you deal with a problem.

I should be fiercely angry with her right now for putting herself and me in a problem. If the word goes out that the girl I took for a night tried to kill herself, it would be a huge dent on my reputation. It can affect Russo's name as well.

I should just let out my anger on her and leave from here asking for a reimbursement from the house.

But then again, I understand why she took such step. Given that her family did not much care about her, then she found them dead and the creditors sold her off to a prostitute house under an absurd contract of several years with no way out. A person who does not know much about the wild side of the society is suddenly put into humiliation and forced her to serve sexually.

I know even I would be hopeless when I put myself in your shoes. Hell, even I refused to help due to greater trouble she might get in if she really escaped.

Just when I was completely immersed in my own thoughts, I heard her move. I looked down and noticed her slowly getting conscious for which I released an sigh of relief.

"Bella, Bella are you alright?" I tapped her cheeks lightly making sure not to hurt her. "Wake up Bella." I said and brought a glass of water for her.

"Why?" Her hoarse voice questioned me. "Why did you save me?" She asked disappointingly. She is already crying but it was not the loud wailing she is crying without making a noise which cut through my heart.

Something about her crying silently looked so sad. It was like her voice cannot express the load of pain anymore.

"Because that is not how you should deal with your situation." I said with no expression on my face. While I am glad that she is awake now, I am also angry for trying to do something like that to herself.

Though I might not express it to her directly, I did almost lose my breath when she dropped unconscious in my arms. For few seconds I felt like I lost something very important in my life.

This girl is a stranger to me. I just met her today but still she felt so close to me. Was it because she is in a pitiful condition or was it due to some other unthinkable reason, I don't know. I just know that Bella's hurt pained me.

"And how do you think I should deal with it? Do what I am supposed to? Should I just go blind about my dignity for thirteen long years and pay off the debt? Should I live like a living dead person?" I saw her loose her cool and question me in anger. "Actually, that seems to be my only option right now. I guess I cannot just get away from it and you happen to snatch the right to die from me as well." She cried out and started taking off her clothes one by one.

The heck is going on?

Why is she stripping?

"Bella, stop. What the hell do you think you are doing?" I shouted at her in hurry as she is stripping her clothes off in a great speed. Her action shows helplessness and anger which is clouding her rational senses.

"I saw in the video supervisor lady showed me and in that the girl has to be naked first and kiss the man." She unhooked the last button of the shirt and threw it aside while working on track pants.

"Stop this madness, Bella. Do not let me be harsh with you." I threatened in a low dangerous voice that I use on others. I was soft and sweet with her does not mean I am a guy next door type of guy who is just so sweet to resist.

She will surely unleash the beast inside me tonight.

"Why? I need to learn to survive with the reality. You are a nice guy and a very understanding person I ever met. I better give my first to you than get forced by a drunken old man." I turned around when she pulled down her pants and unclasped her bra.

I was about to go out of the room to calm down myself, but she came before me and looked into my eyes with tears forming in her eyes again.

I looked straight into her eyes irately and pulled her in my arms. I did not drop my gaze from her eyes and I only touched her arms making sure I don't touch any of her private skin.

"Because I am not like that. I know better than to touch an unwilling woman for my own damned needs." I gritted my teeth to which she flinched back looking at my furious stance.

"And also because... you deserve better." I shoved her back and covered her with the shirt she dropped on the floor.


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