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Flashback Continues...

Phoebe Point of View

He is nice.

He seemed like a very nice guy like a prince from an anime who is good at heart and sweet to others.

Till now, he did not try to get close to me or kiss me and he also fed me with some delicious sandwiches which I am grateful for because this is the only meal I had today. The rude supervisor lady did not give me food today because I need to look slim and petite on the stage to attract the men.

I almost cried again when I munched on those sumptuous sandwiches and the moment I took my first sip on chilled coke, I moaned out in utter satisfaction. He chuckled loudly at my expressions but did not say anything until I finish my food.

"Umm, So?" I asked once I cleansed my hands and took my seat on the bed where I was sitting previously. I hesitated to continue further but I need to ask him for help to flee away from here.

He seems to be a very influential kid around here and he is obviously rich so he might help me. Since he is also very sweet and nice with me, I want to trust him for once.

"Will you help me" I asked again and noticed that the amusement his eyes held earlier was immediately gone and concern replaced it.

"Bella –" He sighed helplessly "- The escort house you are in, is not a normal place. That horrendous place is maintained and run by some of the most powerful and dangerous underground people." The little hope I had in me quickly left and I am filled with despair again.

I looked at him pleadingly when he turned away his face from me and walked over to the study table and brought his laptop to the bed where I am sitting.

What is he doing?

Will he think of a way to help me?

He quickly typed something in his laptop and turned it to me and showed several articles about the escort house.

"Look here, Sweetheart. Even though I helped you to escape from here and put you in a safe place, you will still be found out by those people. They are known to very shady when it comes to the business. It is like they have eyes everywhere and you can never escape their sight successfully." He said softly and showed me articles of past cases of when few girls tried to really escape.

'The famous escort house again showed its supremacy in the city when one of the newly brought escort escaped successfully from them but only for seven hours. The authority of the house found her escaping to the town nearby by a goods lorry.

The girl who was caught was kept in the house's confinement for now and news was going around that the authority would be sending her to serve one of the troublesome clients. While the government has no much hold on masters of the prostitution junction, the rulers of the house continues to take the absolute dominance over their house affairs as well over the affairs of the country.'

My hope was finally crushed to pieces. Do I have no way to get out anymore? I looked at Niccolo and he showed me another case of a girl trying to escape and was punished brutally.

Looking at the article, I understood one thing, the house authority are too powerful and I, in the desperation to escape, did not think about the trouble I might get myself into if I ever get caught.

"You – will you inform them if I successfully... you know, escape?" I asked carefully. He was being nice with me. He is friendly and an amazing guy I ever met who is giving respect to a girl's wishes whom he bought for two nights.

That is when realization dawned onto me. If at all I was not found with Niccolo, then he would get into trouble as well and learning about the atrocious people they can go any lengths to retrieve back what belong to them.

Oh dear, where did I get myself into?

"I am very sorry, I did not think of you while planning to escape. I know you will not want to help me because you might get into trouble too. I am terribly sorry, M-master" I sniffled, trying not to cry out loud.

Will he hurt me because I talked to him carelessly?

Oh my God, I did not call him master before and talked to him informally. I am sure he will hurt me for that. The supervisor lady warned me several times to address the man who buys me as master because he will have all the right on me.

"Do not call me that." He said through gritted teeth and suddenly

the sweet and nice guy is no more and the guy who is before me looks more like a wolf in puberty.

Oh ho! I messed up.

"W-What? What, M- master?" I inched back in fright at the way he is suddenly scowling at me.

Oh ho! What happened to him suddenly?

Tears have become my loyal friend in these few days which appear whenever I am in need. Water poured out from my eyes when I saw the scary look on his face which scared me like hell.

And then I don't know what happened suddenly to him, he closed his eyes for few minutes and breathed heavily while I just stood far away from him and looked at him with completely blank mind.

"Come here" He whispered slowly but since it was very silent in the room, I heard it clearly.

Hell No, you will kill me. You look scary.

"Come here Bella, I will not hurt you." His eyes softened and returned to its usual friendly look. He gestured me to walk to him and though his anger has calmed down, I am still apprehensive. I shook my head in negative but immediately realized my mistake.

I should not say 'no' to my master! Rule number 3!

Unwillingly I walked to him in small steps and the moment finally arrived when I am very close to him. Angry men hit people, my father was same and so was the men in escort house. They hit girls who don't listen to them.

I was expecting a slap on my face but instead I was wrapped in warm arms. Master pressed my head on his chest lightly and patted my back soothingly which made me cry again.

"Do not call me Master again. I am not your master. Understood? Call me Niccolo." He spoke softly. I did not nod my head but I was so overwhelmed when he talked to me so kindly again.

"I'm sorry I lost my cool for a moment, Bella. I just did not like to be called that. Now shh, calm down. Don't cry." He asked me to stop crying but that only triggered my emotions even more and made me cry even more.

"Trust me when I say I would do anything in my control to help you but Bella, What I am worried the most is that what if you were found? Then you will in a deep trouble, sweetheart."

I don't know what to say or what to do. He was being gentle with me unlike what I saw in the house. The men who came for women were very harsh and spoke wrongly to girls but this guy... who is he?

"My parents took a large sum of money from someone and were found death without paying it. The man who loaned the money wanted to get his money back through me so he asked his men to send me to the escort house." I opened up finally.

"They are so cruel and showed me some disgusting videos too." I hugged him back tightly and whimpered while he did nothing but hum and rub my back in assurance. "The videos were so bad, you know. The supervisor lady stripped me forcibly and looked at my naked body several times and even touched me."

"Shh, it's okay. Everything is alright and no one will hurt you when you are with me." Niccolo hugged tightly.

"No its not okay. She... she called a... a – a man and showed my n-naked body to him." I hiccupped. I cannot forget that incident. The creepy look that man gave terrified me a lot.

Why would she show me naked to a man. It is not decent. I cried so much and hit behind the supervisor lady but she pulled me back in front of that creepy man and asked him to evaluate me for God knows what.

"They want me to do what girls did in the video they showed. They will make me do that, Niccolo and I don't want to do it. What if they touch me again? I don't like being touched but – what if they sell me a bad man?" No, no I cannot let them lay a hand on me again. They said after two nights with Niccolo they would sell me to another man.

"Thank You Niccolo but I need leave. Even if you are nice to me, the next man that buys me may not and I can't even escape from them. I think... No I know what I have to do." I said in sudden hurry and looked at the worried looking Niccolo, "I am so happy I met you. You are so nice to me NIccolo, like an angel - but I cannot live like this. I need to... I..." I ran into the washroom and locked myself inside followed by Niccolo shouting for me to open the door from outside.

I need to end this life. If I am not alive then there is no problem at all to start with.

Yes, this is best for me!


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