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Flashback continues...

Niccolo Russo Point of View


She is simply the definition of beauty which her big doe eyes and her petite frame. She looked scared and uncomfortable on the dais with the spotlight on her not to forget the revealing dress she was wearing. She doesn't look a day more than sixteen, so small and horrified.

What happened to her?

Why is such a beauty like her here in this place?

"Enjoy your night, Nic." Valdemar, one of my best friends, winked at me and walked into the crowd to find himself a girl for the night as well.

I will not lie, I am heck nervous. This is the first time I would be doing the deed and this is so nerve wrecking. Though I am a nineteen year old hot blooded man, I did not get a chance to have sex before due to many reasons. I had girlfriends, we kissed, and we made out but never had sex.

So my not-so dignified friend brought me to the escort house to learn the art of seduction and the art of bed manners. According to him, this is the perfect place for me to know what ladies like and what not.

I was completely against coming here, hand on my heart. I know how to have sex with a lady; it is just that I could not have one but that does not mean I am innocent.

But then again, Valdemar is known to be the most stubborn person on earth because he kept pestering me for whole two months.

That dog!

However, I did not know that I would be the one to thank him for bringing me here rather than curse him.

"Let's go Bella" I whispered to her and wrapped an arm around her. She shivered in my arms but I know it was not because she is positively affected by me.

"Mr. Russo, We need your signatures here." The host from earlier ran to me with a bundle of papers and produced a pen to me.

"What is this about?" I asked not so kindly. He was an old man but the dirty look he had in his eyes was enough for me to know that he was not a person to trust. I cleared my throat threateningly when I noticed him looking at Bella with the same dirty look I observed when she was standing on dais.

Back off!

"This document here confirms that the Lady in your arms, Phoebe Smith, will be you B**ch for two nights starting from tonight. The other two documents are regarding your payment and your promise that you would not physically assault our escorts." I nodded and read the documents thoroughly before signing them and get done with it already.

"Enjoy –" Not caring to listen to him anymore, I pulled Bella with me towards the awaiting car.

Once we are seated inside the car, I drove past the night traffic towards my penthouse which is situated on the other side of the city.

Beautiful Bella was seated next to me in the passenger seat and I couldn't help steal glances at her. Now that she is out of the thronging place, I can finally look at her peacefully. She has the same scared look and frown creases on her forehead but it look so adorable.

I don't know what it is about her that I paid such a mass amount of money to have two freaking nights with her when I don't even have any interest in having sex right now.

It was like some kind of force was pushing me to take her out of that place.

"I – I don't –" She stuttered and good Lord her voice was softer than cotton candy. I turned towards her and nodded my head, encouraging her to speak further.

She looked innocent and frail that needs all the care in the world. Valdemar did warn me about how the girls from the escort house are vampires that suck wealth out of people. He told me specifically to not trust anyone because they do not deserve it.

But I am not a stupid person; nor am I a heartless.

I learnt enough in my life to not judge a person just because they come from a poor background. I do not know what made her get into a business like this, but I have learnt enough to keep my mind open about the possibilities.

"I don't want this." Her voice quivered. I narrowed my eyes and looked intently at her.

"What do you not want?" She looked in to my eyes for a second and dropped her head down in submission before pointing her finger to us.

"I do not want to ki – kiss you." She blinked her eyes and tried to be a little brave whi

ch she obviously failed. I bit back the smile forming on my lips and put on a serious face, deciding to play with her until we reach my penthouse.

"What if I do? I paid money to kiss you and do much more." I teased her making sure to sound serious and genuine.

Tears rolled down from her eyes and she started crying profusely, moving away from me in her seat. I mentally kicked myself for joking in such a sensitive time. I know she was not comfortable with what was happening with her and I was just trying to ease the air around us.

Damn it. Niccolo! You should think before you do say something, idiota.

"Ssh, look. Look Bella, calm down. I was just joking. Calm down." I held her hand and caressed it soothingly to calm her down. She must be so terrified of me right now. I know many of the ladies from escort house are not there willingly and Valdemar did tell me that many of them are forced into it.

Looking at Bella, it is quite clear that she is also forced to be a prostitute and knowing that she is a virgin, I should be handling her with calm and relaxing words of comforts.

Such an idiot I am to make an angel cry.

I parked the car and walked to the other side to open Bella's door. She looked at me with tearful eyes but still took my offered hand.

"Calm down Bella, don't cry. Look, we can talk about this when we reach my room, okay?" I said softly making sure to be careful not to frighten her.

"Room?" She gasped and twisted her hand to take it away from mine and again I kicked myself mentally for sounding like a pervert.

"We will just talk, Bella. We will not kiss at all. Just go to my room, sit comfortably on bed, and eat some snacks and talk. Alright?" I assured her holding her hand firmly in mine.

Do I look like a mobster that she is getting to frightened of me?

"No Kiss? Really? Promise?" She pulled out her hand and brought her pinky finger in front of me. I looked confusingly at her not understanding what she is doing.

She must have noticed my confusion so she pulled my hand and wrapped her pinky finger with mine and joined both our thumbs. "This is how you promise and stamp it. Don't you know this?"

"Yes, really, promise. I will not kiss you tonight." I chuckled and promised her.

I am not a very nice man to save every damsel in distress and pay a hefty lot of money for their welfare. It is just about this particular girl that made me go out of my way and take her away with me to a safe place.

Bella nodded and followed me into the elevator and to my penthouse. When I opened the door of my house, Bella gasped looking all over the house with fascination written all over her face. I smiled to myself and left her in the living room alone to bring a glass of chilled water for her.

She must have gone through a lot today and the least I can do is offer her a relaxing sip of cold water.

"Here Bella, drink some water and relax on the couch here while I bring you something comfortable to change into." She seemed awkward but nodded nonetheless, taking a sip of cool refreshing water.

I went to my bed room and searched the whole wardrobe to find something decent and covering for Bella but being a bachelor, my closet only has male shirting. So I pulled out one of my warm t-shirt and new track pants.

"Alright. Shall we start with the introductions? I am Niccolo, nineteen years old, took over the Russo empire just two years ago due to many tough circumstances." I smiled at her and saw her smiling back at me nervously. "I know your name so you can tell me how you are in this situation in the first place." I said placing the tray of sandwiches I made, on her lap.

She looked at me for good some time but did not open her mouth. I sighed and held both of her hands in mine, "Bella, if you do not want to share anything with me, then all you need to do is tell me so, Okay?" She nodded shortly, "Good. You must be hungry so eat and then tell me what do you want to do now?" I said softly and received a nod from her.

"Then... Can you –" She bit her lower lip in apprehension. "Can you please help me running away from here?" She looked at me with hopeful eyes which struck a strange cord in my heart.


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