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The Lryix Sacrifice ( Mystic untold story ) By Kathrine kayz Characters: 5694

Updated: 2020-01-25 11:49

Tad's p.o.v

I walked in the pack house with Annie and Rick besides me.

"I can't believe you man, how could you think badly of me, are we still even best friends?" He asked as i looked at him, he quickly lowered his head.

"Quit submitting to me easily" i said with a chuckle.

"But you are my alpha and back then you made me submit" he answered as we walked into my father's office.

"I'm sorry, it's just that when i heard that you were the acting beta and Annie the acting Luna i thought you took her away from me" i answered honestly.

"He didn't take me away, you rejected me without reason and ran away remember?" She asked.

"Rick give us some privacy" i said lowly.

"Sure tad" he answered then walked out.

I moved closer and stood next to her with a smile, my smile vanished when i received a hard punch on my cheek, i touched my cheek and looked at her in shock.

That's one of the things that attracted me to her, not only was she pretty, she was slim with cute freckles, pink lips and long black silk hair yet so fierce and strong for an omega, the only reason she feared me was because i was her alpha, she had no will to fight but submit to me, but as for other alphas, she showed no fear or weakness.

"You fucking bastard!! You do have guts huh, after rejecting me you ran away, now here you are acting so possessive over me! I can't believe you!! Don't think i forgot, i have always loved you even before knowing we were mates, I confessed and what did you reply? You called me a freak, i then decided to avoid you, but when i turned 18 i discovered you were my mate, and what hurt was that you already knew because you are three years older than me, you broke my hea

t my little angel" she said then kissed her cheek and put her down.

"Love you mommy, love you daddy" she said then ran away happily.

I looked at Annie with a smile, she really was good with kids.

"What?" She asked lowly.

"You will be a great mother to our kids" i said as mighty agreed.

"Thank you, and I'm sure you will make a great dad too" she answered seriously.

"Speaking of kids where did you get her from and how on earth are you acting Luna and Rick beta, did dad go somewhere?" I asked curiously.

"No, your parent's were badly injured when the rouges attacked our pack and many were killed, the remaining survivors went in hiding, there was no one to lead us so i had to step up as Luna and rick as beta, the little girl Courtney lost her parents in the battle, when i took her in she become glued to me and started calling me mommy" she said sadly as i slowly sat down on the sofa that was behind me.

"And my parent's?" I asked worriedly.

"They are in a coma, both of them" she answered.

"Tell me everything that went on immediately i had left and don't miss a single word" i instructed angrily.

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