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   Chapter 69 Tad

The Lryix Sacrifice ( Mystic untold story ) By Kathrine kayz Characters: 5526

Updated: 2020-01-25 09:58

Markus p.o.v

"Fucking brats" uncle kai spat in annoyance.

"Kai no cursing!" Aunty Christine called loudly in  a warning tone.

"The hell!! Didn't you hear them? These damn brats made us call the elders for nothing, and to think they did learn something from us, you don't reject your given bond or mate, you also don't hit or abuse them you fucking brats!!!" Dad yelled shocking everyone in the room.

Dad rarely cursed and hearing him do that made me realise how upset he was.

"As punishment, Markus you are going to stay with Clark for a year" dad said as i gasped.

"and Riley you will be sent to a boarding school for a year too" uncle kai said too.

"No way! Dad i can't be separated from my mate, i can't!!" Riley yelled.

I squeezed her hand sadly, when she faced me i smiled sadly, we were at fault, our punishment was better than the rejection, and i wanted to do everything in my power to stay with the love of my life.

"We accept" i answered still facing Riley whose eyes were filled with tear.

"Fin?" I called in my mind, his opinion was highly needed by me.

"As much as it kills me to say this, you have made a right decision" he answered.

"Markus, i can't stay away from you for a whole year, i need you, please" she whispered as i sighed sadly.

"And i need you too, but I'm a man and I'm suppose to accept my punishment whole heatedly, we did mess up and caused our parents worry" i whispered back.

"Is this my punishment for wanting to reject you?" She asked lowly.

I lifted my hands and touched her cheeks then sighed lowly.

"Its not, I'm asking you to accept this punishment, if not for them do it

my own mate, but i couldn't handle the rejection well so i ran away, that's when i met you, i could tell you were an omega, and when i discovered that your father needed a driver i applied for the job, every time i got close to you the pain i felt became lighter and my wolf felt better that's why i wanted to stay with you" he answered lowly.

"Did your mate accept the rejection?" I asked curiously.

"No, before she could i walked away leaving her in tears" he answered.

"Then your bond is not completely broken, it maybe hanging on a thread but it is still there, i have decided to accept my mate and be happy with him, i hope you too will go back and make amend to the mistake of your life" Riley said as tad smiled sadly.

"I understand, i will go and talk to your father, I'm quitting work, i will go back home and try to win the love of my life" he said then moved closer and kissed Riley lightly.

I growled out angrily, Riley laughed then squeezed my hand.

"Markus, take good care of her, you have a jewel with you" he said.

Before i could answer he turned and walked away.

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