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   Chapter 68 Elders

The Lryix Sacrifice ( Mystic untold story ) By Kathrine kayz Characters: 5661

Updated: 2020-01-25 09:51

Riley's p.o.v

I sat fidgeting when the four council elders wearing cloaks sat in front of us in uncle Eric's leaving room.

Mum, dad, uncle Eric and aunty mystic stood more in a circle, Markus was kneeling in the middle of all of us, he was still looking at me furiously.

One of the council stood up, seeing her height and weight i knew she was a lady.

"Markus" she called softly making dixy growl lowly, she hated how she was acting so soft towards our mate.

And to think she was mad at Markus.

Markus looked at her angrily, she took of her clock and smiled, she really was beautiful and i wanted her dead for smiling at my mate.

"I'm called Meridith and I'm just here to help you, will you allow me?" She asked as she moved closer and knelt down in front of him.

I folded my hands in fists, she was super close to what was mine, dixy was growling angrily.

"I can help you make everything better, the pain too can go away" she whispered.

Markus looked at me with forming tears, I felt my heart ache, i hated seeing him like this.

"If i say yes, will you make me forget everything?" He asked while still looking at me.

"Yes, i can do that for you" she answered.

He looked at her then nodded.

"Make me forget" he said as tears formed in my eyes.

"Don't let her do it, he can't forget us, we need him" dixy whimpered loudly as tears rolled from my eyes.

As much as it hurt, it was too late, the council was already here, i couldn't just tell them the truth, they all would think badly of me.

She lifted her hands and placed them on Markus's forehead, her eyes turned total white, i breathed in quickly trying to keep dixy calm who was fighting me to


"Okay" i answered as tears fell from my eyes, i slowly hugged him back.

"My work here is done" Meridith said, i looked at her angrily.

"What? If i didn't kiss him and allow you to chock me you could have made a very bad decision which I'm so sure you could have regretted in the future" she said.

"Thank you" i whispered as she smiled.

"No problem, oh and tad already had a mate, he just rejected her because she was an omega, the fact that he liked you wasn't because of love, it was because of the guilt he had, his guilt is killing him and being close to you an omega was comforting for him and his wolf" she said as she picked up the cloak and wore it.

Her words shocked me, but i really believed her, she walked out with the rest of the elders, uncle Clark walked them out.

"Riley" mum called.

I slowly pulled back and looked at them sadly.

"Explain" dad commanded.

Markus held my hand as i sighed lowly, at least i had my mate with me.

"It all began when i turned 14" Markus said.

As he explained i choose to trust my man and stand by him be it if we were to be punished or not.

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