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   Chapter 67 he will never change

The Lryix Sacrifice ( Mystic untold story ) By Kathrine kayz Characters: 6119

Updated: 2019-12-19 22:54

Riley's p.o.v

I woke up early before Markus, he was sleeping peacefully and looked very handsome, i slowly got up and walked out of the room ignoring the pain that i felt when the bars brushed against my skin, i quickly went outside and walked in my house before dad and mum could notice that i wasn't in my room.

I entered my bedroom and quickly took a bath then went downstairs, i found mum preparing breakfast, when she saw me she smiled.

"Hey baby"

"Hi mum" i answered while giving her a quick peck.

"Where is dad?" I asked curiously knowing very well dad would have been touching mum everywere while she cooked, as crazy as it might sound i really thought of it as romantic.

"He went to talk to Clark and Eric" she answered as i swallowed hard, it was obviously about what had happened yesterday on my birthday.

"Mum, if you need me i will be outside" i said then walked out of the house.

I found tad cleaning the car, for the first time in forever he was in his casual clothes and looked hot, just not hotter than Markus, he was in a black ripped jean and purple T - shirt that exposed his great muscles.

"Hey" i whispered lowly.

He turned and smiled softly.

"Hey, how are you feeling?" He asked while moving closer.

"I'm okay, thanks for yesterday, but i think i will give Markus......

He lips were pressed on mine stopping me instantly.

My human side was so confused, i was so fond of him while dixy was angry with him, i slowly pulled him closer and kissed him back.

Tad was there for me since day one, he was the one i treasured with all of my heart, yesternight with Markus was calming and nice but he was still my bully.

A loud growl made me pull back quickly, Markus was standing a bit far from us, his eyes held anger towards us.

"Tad run in the house" i whispered lowly

"I will handle him" uncle Clark said as water and flames surrounded him, i watched him in admiration as he took form of a larger gold green dragon, it towered over Markus's own, its teeth showing as smoke came out of its nose, it looked furious as it growled making the ground shake.

Markus's dragon fin acknowledged uncle Clark's dragon as a stronger opponent before the fight could even begin, Markus shrieked back into his human form and shortly uncle Clark did too.

"Eric take him back to his room, i will be there shortly" uncle Clark instructed.

Uncle Eric got Markus hand and moved away with him.

"Thanks tad for calling us, if we were a minute late Markus could have killed Riley"  uncle Clark said lowly as we all ignored his nakedness.

"Clark, i really don't understand what is going on, Eric was telling us how he almost forced a marking on her and now this? What is wrong with Markus? His really not the boy i knew" dad said sadly.

"I'm not so sure either, he is acting like a jalouse possessive dragon whose mate has rejected or abandoned him, i will call in the dragon elder to come and look into his problem" uncle Clark answered as i swallowed in fear, this was going way out of hand.

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