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   Chapter 66 I Need Her

The Lryix Sacrifice ( Mystic untold story ) By Kathrine kayz Characters: 5619

Updated: 2019-12-19 22:52

Riley's p.o.v

I lay on my bed feeling so hurt and alone, my wolf was whimpering in pain because of the separation from our mate.

"He needs us" my wolf growled lowly.

"No he doesn't, his a self centered jerk who deserves to be alone" i answered back.

"He needs us now! He needs us now! Mate needs us" my wolf wined over and over in my head.

I quickly stood up in fear and rushed downstairs and went outside, thankfully no one was around, i rushed into uncle Eric's house and followed my mates scent, i went downstairs and stood in front of a closed door, i could hear Markus yelling by himself.

"Stop fin, the pain you are giving me is too much, i can't take it without her by my side" he yelled in pain.

"Open the door mate is in pain"  my wolf demanded.

"Damn it fin, !! i too want her next to us! I know her very well, she's in love with the beta, she will never love us, never, we are meant to die alone, so if it will make you feel any better just kill me" he said in a cracked voice  that broke my heart and made my wolf to whimper loudly.

A loud scream came from Markus that made me quickly open the door and walk in, he was lying on the ground with tears in his eyes, i wanted to go to him and comfort him like my wolf wanted to sadly there was a grill door that was separating us, he looked at me sadly and shook his head trying to stop me from doing anything.

Markus screamed again in pain as my wolf whimpered, i touched the bars to try and bend them.

I let out a loud scream when the bars burnt my hands, i looked at the bars in shock then at Markus who was silently weeping.

"Markus, i will try and get you out" i said seriously then touc

ixy" my wolf replied happily wagging its tail that only i saw.

"She said her name is ugly" i answered as dixy growled lowly.

"Well it is a nice name" he said as i laughed lowly, did he just say the name was nice?

"Why are you laughing?" He asked lowly.

I turned and faced him, he looked confused for a minute.

"I was lying you know" i answered lowly.

"Oh" he said then smiled.

I watched his smile feeling very happy.

"Her name is dixy" i said lowly.

"dixy, dixy" he called out as if testing how the name sounded from his lips.

Dixy purred loudly casing me to purr too, i quickly covered my mouth with my hands, Markus laughed softly.

"You are so damn cute" he said while pinching my cheek gently, i laughed loudly.

"My dragons name is fin" he said in a whisper.

"Fin" i called earning a low growl of approval from him.

"He likes it when you call his name" he said.

"Then they both love it when we call their names" i said.

Markus pulled me closer to him and held me tightly, even if i wanted to pull back i couldn't, the sparks i felt made me feel safe, secure and at home

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