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   Chapter 65 Lonely

The Lryix Sacrifice ( Mystic untold story ) By Kathrine kayz Characters: 7076

Updated: 2019-12-19 22:51

Markus's p.o.v

I was shoved in a cell that a witch had designed, the cell striped away all of my powers, i still had my dragon but sadly it was of no use.

"Stay here and reflect on your bad behavior, your mother will be so disappointed" father yelled as i felt fear swell in me.

"Father please don't tell mum, she will be hurt, please" i begged in fear.

"You could have thought about that before attacking Riley who by the way already has a mate" he said loudly as a loud growl came from fin my dragon.

"She is my mate and bond, i don't need anyone's permission to mark whats mine" i growled.

"You crazy brat, I'm glad you aren't really her mate because no one would want to be mated to a self centered asshole such as yourself, i was hard on mystic but never had i ever forced a marking on her, stay away from Riley, if you won't I'm taking you to uncle Clark I'm pretty sure you will come back acting all humble and shit when he finishes working on your sorry ass" he yelled angrily then walked out locking the grill door.

I sighed lowly and slowly sat down.

"Its all your fault you damn human, you could have let me talk to her, she could have accepted us" fin snared angrily.

"Just shut up dragon" i spat.

I felt fin retreat and build a wall between us.

This was bad, everything had turned horrible in just a mere second, i was beginning to miss Riley, as crazy as it may sound the truth was that i was madly in love with her, seriously crazily in love, when we were little Riley was so fragile and weak, i did all I could to protect her from everyone that picked on her, i liked feeding her snacks when i had a chance, but mostly i took her on my back when she was tired of walking, we did everything together but things changed, the first time i realized Riley was my bond was on our 14 th birthday, she didn't know or feel anything, the girl i took as my little sister was really my bond, the pure feeling i felt towards her vanished, every time i looked at her i could feel lust and love swell in me, the kind you feel for a lover, it was becoming weird for me, mostly i was getting

redeem myself with her but she hurt me by announcing that the beta was her mate, i was angry as well as fin, we needed air to think, so we walked out and took a few minutes there then we heard our mate asking the beta to mark her, i marched to them angrily pulling the beta away with a tight grip on his neck, the beta struggled but lost his will to fight when he ran out of air, i dropped him on the floor, i was about to tell her why i had done that but her care was towards the beta, i angrily called her a slut out of jealousy instead of denying it she accepted it telling me how she was a slut for the beta i angrily hit her, this time i felt way guilty and hurt, emotionally i tried calling her name to apologize but she then threatened me with a rejection, i was so scared and shocked that she would willingly reject me her mate for the beta, before she could complete her rejection i pulled her in a kiss that made me calm down and made me feel complete sadly the stupid beta had to ruin it, but made me happy when he gave up on her, i thought this was my chance to really beg for her forgiveness but she went on with the rejection, i shoved her on the ground and forcefully tried to mark her, i know it was wrong but i was just so scared of losing her and now here i am stuck in this damn cell feeling very lonely without her besides me.

I knew it was a matter of time before fin would truly lose it

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