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   Chapter 63 Birthday

The Lryix Sacrifice ( Mystic untold story ) By Kathrine kayz Characters: 7333

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Riley's p.o.v

Today was the day i had waited for in all my life, i couldn't forget that day i was almost raped by Markus, luckily dad and mum knew nothing about it since tad did scent mark me, the whole day i spent preparing myself, dad and mum were already dressed, they wished me a happy birthday and left saying that the real party was in uncle Eric's house, i hated that today was also Markus birthday but somehow i didn't mind at all because today was about to be special to me, i looked at myself once small happily, i was wearing a dark blue jean and a black bubble blouse, my hair was neatly tide in a pony tail, i needed to look perfect for my mate if he was to be part of the masters that were attending, many people were invited on my birthday, my plan was to be close to tad because most of Markus's friends were bullies too.

I walked out of the house feeling happy, when i saw tad i smiled, he looked very handsome wearing a black suit, i moved closer and curved my arms around his shoulders, i waited for him to push me away but he lowered himself and kissed me deeply as i kissed him back, he pulled back with a smile.

"You look so breath taking" he whispered as i blushed.

"Lets go" he said then held my hand.

"I wish i was born at night, that way i could know who my mate is at night, sadly i was born in the afternoon because of that time i will know who my mate is immediately i step foot in uncles mansion unless he isn't there " i said as we walked in uncle Eric's house were noises came from.

Immediately we walked in i was embraced by aunty Paulina.

"Happy birthday kido" she said as i smiled happily.

"Thanks" i answered.

"Hey happy birthday, although i want to ask is he your boyfriend?" Uncle Abel asked pointing at Tad.

I was about to answer when i picked up the most sweet mouth watering heavenly scent, roses mixed with a rainy scent, it was so tempting that it made my heart beat wildly, my wolf was up and very attentive, i turned to look at the one who possessed such a beautiful scent, when my eyes met his my mouth dropped open in shock.

"Mate! Mate!" My wolf howled happily.

This was all wrong, Markus couldn't be my mate, the mo

had no intention of lying to him because i trusted him with my whole heart.

"Its Markus" i answered honestly.

He kept quiet for a minute.

"Markus? As in thee Markus that usually hurts you?" He asked loudly.

"Yes" i answered as his eyes turned golden, i knew his wolf and him were very angry.

"So he knew all along and he still dared to hurt you" he growled lowly.

I curved my arms around him trying to calm him down, he took in my scent then kissed my neck slowly as my wolf growled at me in disapproval.

"Tad, mark me" i whispered pulling him closer to me.

I knew his wolf was very comfortable with me since it had no mate for now, it saw me as one, i took this moment to manipulate his wolf to mark me since it was taking over.


"But nothing, everyone knows that you are my mate so its alright" i whispered seductively.

I heard him sigh lowly, i smiled happily knowing he had given in, he kissed the junction of my neck and shoulder were the mark was suppose to be.

"Do it" i whispered while closing my eyes.

"No!" My wolf growled I ignored her when i felt Tad's canine graze my sport.

I felt nothing and i knew i was being selfish by using him, but he was the one my human side wanted.

I felt his canine begin to sink in my skin, before he could sink in deeper he was pulled away from me, i opened my eyes and came face to face with Markus my mate, my breath escaped my lungs at the anger i saw in his eyes.

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