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   Chapter 62 submissive

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Riley's p.o.v

"Mommy can i go out by myself today?" I asked loudly while walking down stairs, she looked at me with a low sigh.

"No" she answered frankly.

What was wrong with her? Ever since my elder brother mills left for collage she has never agreed to anything i asked for.

I looked at dad with a pleading look.

"Christine let her go" dad said while wrapping his arms around her waist.

"What if anything happens to her?" Mommy asked in a whispered.

"Don't forget she is still a master not a pet" dad answered looking at me.

"But kai...

"No but babe, let the kid go, at least she should get some freedom before finding her mate, who knows, the mate can be an asshole" he said with a chuckle.

"Fine" mommy answered.

I quickly gave her a peck and left the house happily.

This was our daily routine, every time i wanted to go out by myself mommy became very protective towards me just because i was an omega, yes you heard right, dad is a hybrid while mommy is a second rank pet, as for me I'm a werewolf unlike mills whose an alpha i'm an omega, since dad is half werewolf half vampire its no surprise why i was born this way.

Mommy knows that I'm usually bullied everywere i go by other masters because, despite being a master i have that submissiveness towards a high rank master, she hired a tutor to tutor me at home so she could Keep me safe, though what she doesn't know is that my true bully resides in our own place, Markus kings, his a dragon that not only bullies me but torments me, in front of my parents and his he acts all caring and loving but once we are alone he usually beats me up, thankfully my wolf heals me up in no time, day by day i pray to the moon goddess to give me a better mate like my dad or uncle Eric, i don't want a bad boy mate because I'm afraid of such a type, i want and wish for a good guy and luckily i will find him, in two days it will be my birthday, the most annoying thing is that i will be sharing my beautiful birthday with my bully, we were born on the same day, him, i and my brother, every year i hate to celebrate my birthday with them but this time i was really looking forward to it.

I got in the car and smile at Tad our driver, Tad and i met a few years ago, the first day he was hired by dad i couldn't help but feel safe around him, he is tall, well built and looks very friendly, but the main reason i was attracted to him was because he was a werewolf, a beta at that, he understood me easily and helped me when i needed his help, on rare occasions when my wolf was feeling on urge we made out in a hot kissing session, sadly after that he acted as if it never happened, i know he will one day find his mate because he is already 23 while i will be turning 18.

I sigh lowly when he drove us out of the place quietly.

"Are we going to pretend that it never happened?" I asked lowly looking at him.

He clears his throat uncomfortable.

"You know we can't keep on doing this, we kiss and make out, i like you and I'm sure you feel the same, why can't we just date for goddess sake" i said lowly as a loud growl came from him making me whimper lowly in fear, his rank was way above mine.

"I'm sorry Riley, i didn't mean to scare you, yes i like you a lot, but we can't be together" he answered.

"Is it because you work for my father?" I asked.

"No, its because if we do date i will take it seriously, but we both know how much we will hurt eac

ile sobbing.

"I'm sorry, i never should have left you all alone, its just that your father wanted me back, when i came back i went looking for you immediately, then i bumped into that fucking brat, i smelled your blood on his hand, i was so scared and furious, we have to report him to master Eric" he said as i held him closer.

"No, you can't, if you do, uncle Eric will punish him, and Markus will be very upset, i know him well, he will make sure you lose your job, i can't lose you tad i cant" i cried.

"But...what if one day he goes all the way? Once an omega is marked she can never be accepted by another master, you will be bound by force to him while he would be freely fucking around without a care, even your own mate might reject you when you are marked by another, although Markus is mistreating you he knows who his mate is" he said as i pulled back and looked at him confused.

"Riley, dragons aren't like us, us werewolves we wait until we turn 18 to know who our mate is while dragons know from the very beginning who their bond and mate is" he said lowly.

"So he has a mate? i wish he could be rejected so he could know what real pain feels like" i whispered lowly.

"Sadly jerks like him are never rejected" he answered.

I wiped off my tears ignoring the bruises and cuts that were now healing, i lifted my trembling hand and pressed it on his face gently.

"I wish you were my mate" i whispered as we heard a low growl near the door.

Tad quickly stood up and made sure i was standing steadily, he went to the door and stepped outside, after a second he came back.

"There is no one, come on lets go, i will get you a new set of clothes, and scent mark you, that way your parents will know you were with me, hopefully it will cover the scent of your blood from your body" he said while he walked to me.

He lifted me up in bridal style and walked out, i looked at the abandoned room then lowered my head to Tad's neck and inhaled his cinnamon scent instantly calming my wolf, he trusted Tab as much as i did.

I really wished he was my mate sadly he was not, if he was he could have felt the bond since he was already 18.

"Your mate will be very lucky to have you" i said then closed my eyes and dwelled in the comfort of his arms feeling secure. . .

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