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   Chapter 60 Epilogue

The Lryix Sacrifice ( Mystic untold story ) By Kathrine kayz Characters: 3024

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No ones p.o.v

Everything was going perfectly fine, Paulina sat with Abel happily watching Eric propose to mystic who agreed with a kiss and tears, she was feeling so satisfied with Abel and her happy life, Abel would mostly pull her in all their house rooms for lovemaking, according to him he could never get enough of her and she felt the same way.

Mystic was very happy seeing her whole family together, she and Christine were now parents and were so happy to have been blessed with such angels, they were really loving their lives.

Scarlet was happy that she had a nephew but she too wished she could soon be a mother.

"Hey everyone" Christine called loudly getting everyone's attention.

"I and kai have got great news to share with all of you" she said as kai stood next to her and held her hand.

"I'm pregnant again and according to our family witch the baby I'm expectin

here very far, and don't worry, they wont be alone there, they will find some other mean girls that will match their standards" Abel said with a smile while thinking of how Monica will handle them.

"Then I'm glad i consulted with you first, lets go join in the celebration before anyone suspect anything" kai said then walked out, Abel shortly followed and found mother jen happily playing with the babies.

Everyone was so satisfied knowing that they could never ask for a better family than they already had, no one knew about the future, all they knew was pure happiness, joy and peace.


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