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   Chapter 58 Advice

The Lryix Sacrifice ( Mystic untold story ) By Kathrine kayz Characters: 5893

Updated: 2019-11-25 21:56

Scarlet's p.o.v

I woke up and found master Benjamin staring at me with a smirk, when i remembered how much i and Elisa enjoyed being held roughly i looked away feeling embarrassed, i didn't  know she could take over my body and do that.

"Scarlet look at me" Benjamin said lowly.

I turned and faced him seriously.

"I'm sorry about yesternight, i was so confused and angry that i rushed to say words i never meant to say, i hurt the both of you badly, I'm so sorry, the truth is that i don't regret anything that had happened between us, i love the both of you, if i was to be given a chance to go back in time, i would still choose to be with you"  i whispered lowly.

He pulled me closer and kissed my head.

"Thank you for saying that, it makes Clark relax a lot, he was beyond afraid to lose you, i too was but Elisa put me at ease yesternight" he answered.

I faced him with sadness then gently pressed my hand on his neck.

"Can i talk to him?" I asked lowly.

"Of course" he answered then closed his eyes.

I waited nervously for master Clark to take over, when he opened his eyes and looked at me, i could see relief and sadness in them, i moved closer and kissed his lips then pulled back.

"I love you, never doubt that, i said all those stupid words out of confusion" i said from deep down my heart.

"I know, and I'm happy that you are here with us" he answered.

I was about to kiss him again when his hand stopped me, i looked at him feeling unwanted.

"I really want to make love to you right now but i can't" he said lowly.

"Why cant you? I want to be held by you" i answered.

"Your body is sore, you need to get some rest" he said softly.

"I'm not sore, i am okay" i said loudly as i got up and fell on the floor

him a long time ago but the thing is that there is not a day that passes by without me wishing for his embrace, i want him to hold and make love to me, but i am afraid, what if he hurts me again" she asked sadly.

"Paulina, he did hurt you, and I'm sure he regretted it a lot, i can understand how you feel, but if you really, truly love him, i think you should give yourselves a try, he knows what he did was very bad, you gave him a chance and that should mean a lot to him, if you are to be embraced by him this time he won't hurt you I'm sure" i said softly.

"Thank you Scarlet, i wanted to have someone tell me that, i know he won't hurt me again, i just needed someone to tell me that" she said.

She stood up with a smile.

"Thank you Scarlet, i will see myself off" she said.

Before i could answer her back she quickly walked out.

I stood up and went upstairs in the bed room and found Clark sited on the bed, i went to him and sat on his laps facing him.

"I love you" i whispered as i rested my forehead on his.

He gently kissed my lips then pulled back.

"I love you too" he answered softly as i rested my head on his shoulders with a smile.

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