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   Chapter 56 The past

The Lryix Sacrifice ( Mystic untold story ) By Kathrine kayz Characters: 5662

Updated: 2019-11-22 21:12

Clark's p.o.v

Good, now, i don't think i did introduce myself, I'm Neil Clark's father you can just call me father since we are all family right" father said as i dropped my mouth open in shock.

What was he planning to do? Wasn't he attacking us a while ago, his face held hatred for scarlet as he spat his venom and used his max power on me, then suddenly he became happy and looked at scarlet with joy.

Benjamin and i are strong just not as strong as our father, a Lryix got stronger when the chosen bond became pregnant or had a child, sadly Scarlet had none so my power was not at its peak and full max.

"Father what do you want from Scarlet? a second ago you were ready to kill her as well as me" I asked seriously.

"That's all in the past now so forget it, scarlet are you already pregnant?" He asked softly as Scarlet chocked on her saliva.

"Father!" I yelled.

"Watch you tone" he warned.

"Scarlet?" He asked as she shyly faced the ground.

"Father we bonded yesternight, you surely don't expect her to carry my child this soon right?" I asked loudly.

"Then the next time i come here i want to hear great news, son man up and give me a grandchild as soon as possible" he said with a wink.

"I don't understand what you are planning father but i won't let you hurt scarlet" i said seriously.

"Why would i?" He asked.

"You tell me" i challenged while folding my hands.

He looked at me then at Scarlet who was also looking at him with curious eyes.

"Lets take a seat" he said then turned and walked in the living room were we all followed.

I sat next to scarlet on the couch, he sat opposite us with Vanessa.

"I should say its been a very long ti

ally, i didn't want any of you to go through such hell, that's why i wanted the best for the both of you, son i am truly sorry but one day you too will understand when you get to father your own child" he said lowly.

I knew father was pushy but he had never forced anything on me, this was a first and now i understood why he had never talked about my grand parents, its like he had a tough life growing up.

"Father its okay, we are not upset" i answered lowly.

He stood up with Vanessa and faked a smile.

"Scarlet dear, I'm terribly sorry for being rude to you, i won't ever bother you again, maybe just over giving me a ground child" he said as Scarlet wiped off her tears and stood up.

"Thank you for telling me that story" she answered.

Father looked at me then nodded, he got Vanessa's hand and walked outside with her.

Scarlet went upstairs slowly, she didn't have to tell me anything because i knew and felt what she was feeling and that was anger and sadness but mostly she was confused and hurt, i knew she needed some time alone, i sat on the couch thinking of sleeping in the spare bedroom alone.

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