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   Chapter 52 Elisa

The Lryix Sacrifice ( Mystic untold story ) By Kathrine kayz Characters: 6571

Updated: 2019-11-13 12:11

Clark's p.o.v

I walked in the bedroom with scarlet in my arms thinking of a way i could make her feel better, not a while ago she was happily spinning with Abel's bond but now she was crying, i felt like i was the cause of her tears.

I put her down on the bed and took off my shoes then got on too and sat next to her then moved closer.

She really looked sad, i didn't like seeing her like this, i lifted my hand and touched her long hair gently then tucked a strand of hair that was on her forehead behind her ear, what she really needed now was to get some rest.

"Rest, sleep, you will eat later" i said lowly.

She slowly lay down looking at me, as much as i wanted to stay next to her, i had office work to attend to, i was about to stand when she quickly held my hand, i faced her with a worried expression on my face, scarlet was acting strangely, she was usually afraid of me, but right now she wasn't.

"Don't leave me" she whispered as i felt my heart skip a beat.

I stayed still for some minutes thinking about what i had to do.

"Work can wait, she needs us" Benjamin said lowly.

I lay down facing her.

Her breathing was becoming loud, she quickly sat upright as her breathing picked up, i sat upright too with frowned eyebrows, something was definitely wrong with her.

"Scarlet"  i called lowly as i lifted my hand and touched her forehead.

"Hug me, please hug me" she said in pants as i looked at her in surprise.

"What are you waiting for! Do it!" Benjamin growled at me.

I quickly pulled her on my laps and held her.

"I don't think this will be enough"  Benjamin said lowly.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Its not enough master, i want more" she said loudly as she sobbed.

"Benjamin explain to me very clearly what the hell is happening to her!" I yelled at him silently as i moved her from my laps and onto the bed next to me.

"I need your closure!"

She yelled in tears.

"Listen very closely Clar

t full control?" I asked softly.

"No, all she does is envy and feel insecure, she can't even manage to let you know how we feel, master we love you and it is really our wish to be embraced by you, we only live for you"she answered loudly.

I and Benjamin were very happy about her confession because we knew they shared the same feeling like we did.

"The only way she will agree to give back Scarlet full control is when you too confess honestly" Benjamin said.

"What?" I asked.

"Don't worry, scarlet wont remember the confession unless Elisa does remind her" he said as i swallowed.

"Elisa i and Benjamin would love to embrace you too, but we are not going to do it without the full consent of scarlet, I'm sorry that i had been acting cold towards the both you, the truth is that everything to me is new, I'm still learning on how to act around you, and i promise i will do my best because i and Benjamin really love you" i said lowly as she smiled with forming tears.

"Thank you master" she whispered as her eyes turned back to her usual.

I kissed her head gently then stood up.

"Let me tell the servants to prepare you something" i said softly.

"Thank you" scarlet answered happily.

I walked out of the room thinking of a way i had to get raid of the painful erection i had.

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