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   Chapter 47 Supper

The Lryix Sacrifice ( Mystic untold story ) By Kathrine kayz Characters: 5183

Updated: 2019-10-28 09:32

Scarlet's p.o.v

For the past two days Abel was no were to be seen, i was hungry, exhausted but mostly scared, yes i was really scared of master Clark, at night i couldn't sleep much, i feared he would push me off the bed in anger that someone as dirty as me was in his bed sleeping next to him.

That time he took me to the garden i was so happy, part of me  really wanted to be with him, when he pushed me away, i was angry with myself for being so close to him and becoming to comfortable, he hurt me and i was suppose to hate him but i couldn't, it's not like i was crazily in love with him, no, no matter how bad he treated me there was this part in me that was truly okay with it, and that part really loved both master Benjamin and Clark to the point of making me submit fully to them and that somehow made me be scared of myself.

I sat on our bed feeling lonely, i was thinking of a way i could escape this place, at the same time a way i could talk to mystic, i didn't want to spend any minute more in such a place.


Abel called loudly, i stood up quickly and opened the door then went downstairs, Abel stood with a smile looking at me, i quickly went to him and hugged him.

"Hey whats wrong? I was only gone for a few days, did you miss me that much?" He asked as i felt tears form in my eyes.

"Abel I'm scared, i can't continue to live like this, i don't eat much, I'm exhausted and I can't properly sleep, I'm afraid master could hurt me, i recently offended him and he hurt me" i said lowly.

"Hey I'm pretty sur

our ups and downs, unlike me master Clark is ten times better than me" Abel answered as i bite my lower lip harder.

Why did i say that out loud? Its like my voice came out on its on, the servants went out with angry expressions on their faces, they sure thought of me as a hoe who was after their masters wealth while i was eyeing his right hand knight, i felt so horrible that my eyes were filled with tears.

"Hey scarlet you don't have to cry about that, right master?" Abel asked as i stared at master.

"Leave us" master said seriously.

"But master..."

"I said leave" he growled as his eyes turned from their usual colour.

"Yes master" he answered as he looked at me with a sad look then walked out.

I breathed heavily in fear, not only did i wish for another man to be my master, i said it loudly in front of master and his servants, i didn't want to be hurt again like that time, i was so scared, he slowly stood up and went around the table, i quickly stood up as he moved closer and stood in front of me.

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