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   Chapter 44 shame

The Lryix Sacrifice ( Mystic untold story ) By Kathrine kayz Characters: 5409

Updated: 2019-10-13 07:39

Abel's p.o.v

My foggy mind was clearing up, i looked at Paulina who was below me looking lifeless, her breathing was low, her eyes were closed, i quickly touched her cheeks in fear.

"Paulina, Paulina!" I called out loudly while i shook her lightly.

Seeing her breathing I was sure she had passed out, i quickly got off of her while breathing heavily.

"No, no, not again" i whispered with forming tears.

This was not happening to me again, i quickly lifted her up and rushed her in the bathroom, i turned on the tap and got in with her, luckily the tub had a blocker, i waited as water began to fill in the tub, i made sure she leaned her back on my chest for balance, i got some water with my trembling hands and poured it carefully on her head, i did it again and again while giving out a silent prayer in my heart, when she took in a deep breath, i breathed out in relief, she was awake, i quickly touched her shoulders.

"No, don't pl..ease" she cried lowly with a cracking voice.

I stood up while she leaned on the tub, i stepped out of the water then quickly went back to grab a sheet, i felt horrible looking at the stained sheets, i really was a monster, not only did i force her, i hurt her badly and took her most precious thing, her first time.

I went to the wardrobe and opened it then pulled out a clean bathing robe, i went back and found her drowning in the tub, i quickly pulled her out as she coughed out loudly.

"I want to die, i want to die" she cried out.

I powerlessly sat down with her on my laps, i lay my head on her shoulder sadly as i sobbed lowly.

"I am a monster,

to hurt her more than i had done.

I stopped going to the brothel and drinking, i focused on serving master Clark, i kept this secret and vowed to never tell a soul, when i met you everything changed, despite feeling attracted to you and wanting you i was so much afraid to fall for you, not only were you Jessy's age mate you were so good to me that you opened up and trusted me as your master, i really wanted to fall in love with you but i was so scared of being betrayed again.

I'm so scared to fall in love, i know its wrong to compare you to her but when you forced me to embrace you i snapped, i felt the fear i felt then so i let my instinct take over, i hurt you badly and i am ashamed that i did" i said honestly.

She's slowly stood up with trembling legs and looked at me.

"I hate you with my life, you knew i wasn't her yet you hurt me, you are pure evil" she said lowly as she walked out while leaning against the wall.

I put my hands on my face as i sobbed, this time i was going to lose the lady i wanted.

"What have i done?" I cried out loudly.

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