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   Chapter 43 Forgive me (18+)

The Lryix Sacrifice ( Mystic untold story ) By Kathrine kayz Characters: 5050

Updated: 2019-10-12 12:27

Warning ⚠ : 18+ this chapter contains forced sex, read at your own risk.

Paulina's p.o.v

I sat on the floor feeling stupid, what was wrong with master Abel? Even though i was extremely confident in my body i was certain i wasn't that good looking, i did everything i read in a book sadly it was all in vain, the stupid book was useless, that's why it had a lame title

'how to seduce a man' it was More like how to lose a man.

I went as far as staying naked, for some reason i knew decent master's loved decent pets but mine wasn't, Christine told me how they met in a brothel, he went there for mostly woman, and lately he usually came home tired complaining of how he was busy with master Clark that's how i knew he wasn't with a woman, i had tried all i could think of or read, but why wasn't it working out? Was it because i was way younger than him? I thought adult men loved young virgin ladies or was i wrong? I was 19, i was of age, other pets were sold as sex slaves at the age of 16 so there was nothing wrong with my age, i wasn't a minor at all.

I was crazily in love with him, couldn't he see? Its not like i was a horny crazy brat, i tempted him because i knew a master who has a pet should always embrace them at least breed with them if he wanted to, master had been keeping it in all the time, it was my job and duty to help in such a situation, my job in this house was to please master in bed and out of bed, breed with him and bear him children.

Yes i was young and thinking of

hed me down, i tried to sit upright, he knelt down between my parted legs and pushed me down again with one of his hand while his other hand went on his length.

"Master please I'm sorry, i don't want my first time to be like this" i cried out when i felt him position his length on my entrance.

"Well to late" he answered as he thrust in me in one goal, i felt a sharp pain as i cried out.

"Master please it hurts, I'm sorry forgive me" i begged over and over as he continued thrusting in me ignoring my cries.

I wanted to be with him, i wanted him to embrace me and make love to me gently, whisper nice words in my ear while he made me feel special that was my dream of my first time with him.

I couldn't look at him i looked away fearing the monster i saw, he was hurting me without any remorse, he was treating me like a hoe, my tears meant nothing to him, I felt my vision blur as i felt dizzy, this was all my fault i pushed to hard thinking he would let me in sadly he was breaking me.

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