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   Chapter 41 Afraid

The Lryix Sacrifice ( Mystic untold story ) By Kathrine kayz Characters: 5268

Updated: 2019-10-05 12:49

Clark's p.o.v

I was pissed, no, i was furious at Benjamin, not only did he lock me up in my own body, he wanted to kill Abel for speaking up to him, here he was standing and smiling at scarlet who was spinning happily like a love struck idiot, i mean were was the arrogance he showed towards Abel and everyone? i was watching everything that was happening like a television, i know that's how Benjamin saw things too when he was locked up.

Scarlet really did look beautiful, she looked even more than beautiful as she spined with soft laughter, why wasn't she this happy with me? Why was she happy with Benjamin, since yesterday she seemed to have had dropped her guard with Benjamin while with me i could sense her guard was always up, even so i and Benjamin shared the same soul.

He moved closer and sat down on a bench, when she turned and faced him she smiled and moved closer to us.

'why is she comfortable with you not me?' I asked feeling a twig of pain in my heart.

'You don't understand do you? Why do you think they are called cursed pets?' Benjamin asked me.

'I don't know' i answered annoyed.

'I will tell you this, in her there is this submission that she can't fight, and i will let you in on a little secret, they are two of them bound in one making her a cursed pet, they are called that because of how strong and wiled they get' he answered as i kept quiet, i was beyond confused.

I was about to tell him to explain everything phrase by phrase when i felt him shut out our communication.

He really was an arrogant jerk, this stupid bast

me to baby sit our so called bond, i walked to the wardrobe and pulled out my jacket then wore it, i picked a tie from the drawer, i was about to tie it when scarlet stood up and moved closer she lifted her trembling hands and touched the tie, i didn't want to fall for her like Benjamin and end up hurting my family like Abel, i unconsciously pushed her away, she fell down with a low scream, she turned and looked at her bleeding ankle with forming tears then at me.

"Master i am sorry, i will never do it again, i should always know my place I'm just a pet, i didn't mean to touch you, I'm sorry" she whispered as tears rolled on her cheeks.

I ignored her and tied my neck tie, i felt bad but i wouldn't show her my weakness, my weakness was clearly her, i finished and walked out without looking at her.

I had a company to run, i knew i was being a coward by running away but i just had to, i knew if i could see her smile and laughter everyday i would fall in love with her, even right now i was so fond of her more than i wanted to be.

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