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   Chapter 38 How do i act

The Lryix Sacrifice ( Mystic untold story ) By Kathrine kayz Characters: 5354

Updated: 2019-09-29 13:16

Scarlet's p.o.v

Crying wasn't going to solve my problems, crying never did, as much as i wanted to sit around and show my weak self to everyone, i just couldn't, my only plan was to make sure i survive this jail no matter what, i stood up and went in the bathroom, i looked at the huge brown bathtub sadly, wealth was somehow a curse as i saw it, all the money and riches couldn't cheer me up at all, i would choose joy and freedom all over if i was given a chance to choose.

I then looked at the big mirror that was hang on the wall carefully.

'Why was it in here? Was master Clark the type of man who took more time in the bathroom bathing and admiring his face? No way' i thought as i laughed lowly.

I can't believe i felt much better just thinking about him in a negative way, i was acting weird.

I moved closer and looked at the mirror, my cursed eyes were showing, i was so angry with Abel, a moment ago, i felt my self control diminishing and it really was a rare case, i usually had my temper under control.

"You will be fine" i said to myself still feeling angry at what i was told by Abel some minutes ago.

I turned and went to the bathtub observing the shower that was attached to the tub.

'mmm rich people' i muttered in my head.

I slowly took off my clothes and stepped in the bathtub, Abel made it clear that i was to sleep and eat with master Clark that means i was to bath in his bathtub as well.

I turned on the shower and sat down as cold water poured on my body, it felt like ages since i last relaxed enjoying such a fresh feeling i was experiencing now.

ey turned and gasped, then pointed at me.

"What now?" I asked.

"You are a cursed pet" they said together as they stepped backwards.

What was wrong with them, they were acting like i was infectious.

"You know i am a cursed pet but don't you think you are overacting? " i asked lowly.

Their words did hurt me a little they quickly bowed.

"Is that your apology? You know its okay that you gossip but when you act like I'm a virus it really hurts" i said.

I turned and hit a wall, i quickly looked up and came face to face with master Clark's eyes.

Was he behind me all this time? I wondered.

He cleared his throat loudly, I stepped aside as he moved closer to the servants.

"Get out" he said loudly.

The two servants quickly walked out.

He turned and faced me.

This was the part i too would be chased, so before that happened I too needed to get out of this room, i turned and walked away quickly back to the bedroom.

I entered and threw myself on the bed feeling exhausted.

How was i even going to make it through the night?

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