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   Chapter 36 Saved

The Lryix Sacrifice ( Mystic untold story ) By Kathrine kayz Characters: 5275

Updated: 2019-09-20 12:22

Scarlets p.o.v

I ran between cars, many drivers insulted me, i paid no mind to them, i closed me eyes on purpose while I ran, i was committing suicide, i wanted to die, i heard a car hoot over and over but i refused to look, i was pushed down by someone, i quickly opened my eyes and found myself gazing into master Clark's eyes.

"Sir are you okay? Your hand is bleeding" someone screamed loudly.

I looked around and noticed the disaster i had caused, many cars were hit in other cars and broken down, master Clark lay on top of me protectively, seeing how everyone was whispering and his injured arm, i knew he was hit by a car while trying to save me.

He carefully stood upright and looked at his bleeding arm.

"Why would he put his precious life on the line for just a mere pet?" Someone asked from the crowd that was beginning to form, i stood up and ran away.

No, no, no, i wasn't suppose to be saved i was suppose to be dead, i ran on the side way, when my hand was held by a strong grip, i looked at master Clark who held my hand tightly.

"Let go! I don't want to live in such a cruel place" i cried.

"Don't ever do that ever again" he said angrily, his voice was firm and held authority.

I felt the fear lessen, i looked at his hand and saw that his injured hand was healing, was he a hybrid? My sister mystic used to tell me how werewolf and hybrids could easily heal within a short time.

"Master!" Abel called out loudly as he ran towards us in a fast pace, he stood next to us and looked at master Clark's hand which by now was completely he

estly, Abel got a phone from his pocket with one hand and dialed a number.

"Master it was Monica your secretary with some other two workers, they took her in a room and threatened her, Monica broke the rule and showed scarlet her vampire side" he said on the phone.

I sat upright looking at Abel unhappy.

"Yes sir" he answered then disconnected the call.

"Abel you promised me that you wouldn't tell!! How could you easily go back on your word just like that?" I asked in a scream.

"I'm sorry Scarlet, i really wanted to keep your secret, but my loyalty and honesty is to serve master Clark, you mean a lot to master, he can't just sit by and watch you suffer" he said as i nodded.

Abel was only doing his job, i had no right to judge him for that.

"I'm sorry" i said lowly.

"It's okay, just remember to always ignore bad words, if someone tries to belittle you or embarrass you, move with your head up high, if you show them your tears and weak side, they will make you their play toy for fun" he said.

I knew he was right.

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