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   Chapter 34 Fear i have never felt before

The Lryix Sacrifice ( Mystic untold story ) By Kathrine kayz Characters: 4364

Updated: 2019-09-13 09:22

Scarlets  p.o.v

It was hard on me, trying to control the fear i felt, hiding in the bathroom wasn't helping me at all, i could hear mystic berg for her life.

"M.a..ster please"

She chocked the words out.

I heard something drop on the floor and quick deep breaths.

"Master i'm sorry it was all my fault, i shouldn't have left them in this room alone" Kai's voice came through.

"Get the girl pet cleaned up master Clark is waiting for her downstairs" master Eric commanded.

I held my breath in.

"Please master i was wrong, forgive me, don't send her away" she begged.

"Girl pet come out of the bathroom or your sister dies" master Eric said loudly, i had no time to think, before i knew it my legs quickly moved, i came out.

"Get her ready" he ordered.

Kai grabbed me and dragged me by the hair as i screamed in pain.

"Mystic!!! Mystic!!! Mystic, save me!! You said you would protect me!!!" I screamed in fear and pain.

"No! Scarlet! No! Master please, scarlet"

She cried and screamed back.

I was dragged downstairs.

A growl came from behind me, kai quickly let me go as i fell down weakly.

"I'm sorry master Clark, she was not cooperating with me" he said lowly.

I slowly tried standing up but fell down weakly, kai quickly touched my hand when another gro

lark who wasn't looking at me in shock.

How did the driver know about the way kai was dragging me, only master Clark was there when that happened, was the driver hiding somewhere just watching me being dragged.

I just slowly lowered my eyes on my hands that were on my laps.

"My name is Abel, i am master Clark's right hand, you can say I'm his mouth and ears at times, i own a small jewelry store, though that's my part time job" he said as a low growl came from master Clark, i quickly looked up and found master Clark glaring at Abel angrily.

"I am so sorry" he said as he quickly started the car.

"Oh do feel free to rest miss, we still have a very long way to go, this is going to be a long drive" he said seriously.

I yawned tiredly and slowly relaxed.

I felt sleepy despite the fear i felt, somehow i wasn't that Much afraid of them anymore.

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