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   Chapter 33 epilogue

The Lryix Sacrifice ( Mystic untold story ) By Kathrine kayz Characters: 5849

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Mystic's p.o.v

It's been 5 months since i gave birth to my son, looking at my little angel now, it was all worth it, the thing that surprised us all was the fact that i went early in labour on the same day as Christine and the baby was born healthy, not premature, and every month he got bigger.

I sat in my room with my baby Markus, That's right, my little warrior was named by Eric immediately after he was born and i really love the name, master kai and Christine had a son too they named him mills though mills is a little smaller than my baby in body size, they are both totally adorable.

The door opened and Eric entered, he sat next to me and got baby Markus from my arms.

"Hey little warrior, dad is here to take you downstairs to meet your little friend mills" he said while standing up as Markus made happy noises, he went downstairs as i followed.

Everyday was a blessing to me, i got to see the most soft loving side of Eric, Eric was a great dad to our child, he usually came home early just to spent time with us when he was free, other than that, mother jen was so busy helping out with both mills and Markus and she really loved it.

We all were waiting for the day our little angel would show us his true form, Eric was sure Markus was a half dragon half human pet, but i was so worried, what if he turned out to carry sacrifice blood in him? No one would like such an heir, but Eric assured me, that wasn't the case, even if Markus was a mere pet we would love him with all our hearts as we did now.

We walked in the living room, i smiled happily when scarlet quickly stood up and got Markus from Eric, Scarlet came many time's here to see Markus, she really was happy to have her nephew close to her.

Master kai s

h because what i feel for you is more than love, i adore you with every breath i take, you are all i think about, dream about and live for, you and Markus are my happiness and will to live" he said as he went down on one kneel, i gasped and covered my mouth with my hand when he pulled out a small box and opened it.

I watched with forming tears when he pulled out a beautiful emerald ring.

Everyone held their breath as my heart beat wildly.

"Mystic, i want you not only as a bond but as a wife and best friend" he said as soft laughter came from everyone.

"never have i ever imagined Eric to be a romantic" Abel whispered.

"Mystic, will you do me the greatest honor of becoming forever mine? Will you marry me?" He asked as tears rolled on my cheeks, i slowly nodded.

"My love" Eric whispered with a smile.

"I will gladly marry you Eric, i love you too" i answered as he quickly put the ring on my finger, he stood up and kissed me deeply.

I didn't care about the cheers i heard and laughter of joy, what mattered to me was the fact that i had Markus, Eric and the whole family to support and love me as i love them forever and ever.


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