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   Chapter 32 This is to early to happen

The Lryix Sacrifice ( Mystic untold story ) By Kathrine kayz Characters: 6509

Updated: 2019-09-13 08:24

Mystic's p.o.v

The past months were tiring, i felt  the joy and mostly the hardship of being pregnant, Christine was due any day from now, as for me, i had more time to prepare for my child's birth, Eric was so happy despite me being all moody, i would usually snap at him for nothing, and at times i broke down crying when Eric left me to attend a meeting, i was a rollercoaster of emotions, Eric warned everyone to try not and upset me because he was afraid i could became violent for some reason.

I stood up from my bed slowly, and looked at my heavy stomach while smiling, Eric had always told me to always keep calm, recently i learned from mother jen, pets who carried a hybrid and werewolf child only stayed 4, 5 - 6 months pregnant, then they gave birth, as for me it was different, i had to carry mine for a bit longer, 9 - 10 months.

I rubbed my stomach as i felt a kick, recently i had been getting a response every time i touched there, the baby usually kicked when it was either me or Eric touching my stomach, its as if he she was trying to communicate.

I heard loud noises from outside and downstairs, i slowly went downstairs and saw mother jen rushing outside with water, the three remaining high class pets were busy rushing to the west wing carrying a blanket and some wired equipment, i was about to call them when the gate was opened, Eric's car drove in, two men quickly came from the back seat and rushed in the west wing, Eric too came out and walked towards me.

"Hey love" he whispered as he kissed my forehead gently.

"Whats going on?" I asked worried.

"It's nothing, lets go back in" he answered with a soft smile.

I angrily glared at him, he usually kept me in the dark with things going on around here ever since i become pregnant.

"It doesn't seem like nothing" i said trying to calm down as i heard a scream coming from the west wing, it was Christine's voice.

"Christine" i whispered, i was

hing us like this" the man yelled back.

A loud growl came from Eric.

"Why operating on her? Why !" He yelled on top of his voice.

"She's to weak, she won't be able to push, please master Eric, let us do our job" Don answered lowly.

"Eric" i whispered as he quickly held my hand.

"I'm here love" he answered lowly.

"I don't feel well" i whispered feeling more weaker.

"Don't think my love, just imagine us holding our little angel" he whispered as i tried but my body was giving up.

"Eric, i can't" i whispered softly.

"Hurry Cain she's going in code red!" Don yelled as i closed my eyes.

"No! No! Mystic look at me!" Eric commanded.

I forced my eyes open and looked at him, his eyes were turning lavender.

"You can't close your eyes, you have to be awake, please" he pleaded.

I looked at him for what seemed like hours.

I knew the baby was what we both loved and wanted, right now i wanted to stay awake and see our little angel.

This was the first time i heard Eric plead with me over and over, his voice was full of fear as he held my hand, i really wanted to keep on looking at him but my body was tired and my eyes couldn't stay open, i slowly closed my eyes, the last thing i heard was a baby's cry and Eric calling my name as darkness consumed me.

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