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   Chapter 31 Is this what i think it is

The Lryix Sacrifice ( Mystic untold story ) By Kathrine kayz Characters: 5609

Updated: 2019-09-12 07:17

Eric's p.o.v

I sat in the living room watching mystic as she moved from left to right.

"Mystic" i called as she looked at me coldly.

"Don't talk to me! I want them gone!" She yelled.

I sighed lowly, mother walked in with a worried expression on her face.

"I heard noises outside, was there a fight?" She asked looking at mystic.

"I can't believe you mother, do you think i was in a fight?" She asked angrily.

Mother looked at me, i shrugged my shoulders not knowing what to say.

"Mystic, are you okay?" She asked with concern.

"Gosh! whats with everyone asking me that? Do i look sick? I only want those two sluts far away from my man, my Eric, tell me mother, is that too much to ask for!" She said on top of her voice.

Mother looked at me with a shocked expression.

"Is this what i think it is?" She whispered as i smiled then nodded.

She smiled happily.

"Mystic love, how about you come and sit on my laps" i said softly as she looked at me with a glare.

"excuse me, i have to make a phone call" mother said as she left.

I knew who she was going to call, it was obvious although we wanted to make sure, mystic was acting the exact way as a pregnant pet who is carrying a dragon baby Acts, her anger wasn't her own, it was the baby's directed through her, although what was wired was the fact that it was to early for such emotions and feelings, mostly when the baby is well developed in the womb it craves for the mother and fathers closure, mystic's sadness came from seeing those two first rank pets, the baby must have felt her sadness, though i am still confused on how? I mean it is too early.

I was glad mother went to make a

of once, even Lryix are hard to birth, but whatever type of supernatural our baby was, i was happy to welcome him her in this world, because i loved mystic and our unborn child with all my heart and life.

Teresa bowed then got her bag and went out with mother, obviously to wash her hands and chat, mother and her were good friends.

I heard mystic sniff quietly, i quickly turned her and looked at her face which was full of tears.

"Hey, aren't you suppose to be happy? Why the tears?" I asked sadly wiping off her tears.

"I thought i couldn't get pregnant, i secretly prayed every night for this child, i was so stupid to pick a fight with Lidia and Michelle, what if they did something and i ended up hurting our child" she cried as i pulled her in my embrace.

"That wouldn't have happened okay? Now stop crying and show me your smile" i said as she took a deep breath then laughed happily.

"That's the face i always love to see" i said as she got my hand and placed it on her stomach.

"I'm so happy" she whispered as i kissed her forehead.

"So am i" i answered with outermost love and care.

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