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   Chapter 26 Accepting The bond

The Lryix Sacrifice ( Mystic untold story ) By Kathrine kayz Characters: 5347

Updated: 2019-09-10 09:26

Eric's p.o.v

I sat down on my bed feeling exhausted, the past week the council was giving me hell, i took the trip to try and win their favour, sadly they had no change of heart, they were so against me being with a normal pet as a bond.

The only thing that made me have the will to be happy and stand strong in front of the council was mystic's confession, i wanted to make things right for us before i returned her feelings, but seeing how the council wont give in, i had decided to return her feelings sooner.

"Master" mystic whispered behind my closed bedroom door.

"Come in" i answered sitting upright.

The door opened, she slowly entered and closed the door behind her then bowed lowly.

I hated how she treated me at times, she acted as if i was her god.

"Aren't we past the bowing stage?" I asked as she stood upright.

"Welcome back  master, how was the trip?" She asked ignoring my question.

"Last time i saw you, you were calling me by my name" i said as she scratched her hand nervously.

"Am sorry about that mistake master, i was out of my mind" she answered lowly.

"Really? Was the confession included?" I asked.

"No! I really meant every word i said, please believe me" she answered quickly.

"I will believe you, and if you really meant what you said, you will continue to call me by my name" i said laying down.


"No buts, if you have really accepted our bond then there is no need for you to call me master" i said while closing my eyes.

"My trip was tiring and hellish, it was somehow in vain, there are things i would want you to k

sorry, i can't ruin your life you have been good to me" she said with tears while standing up.

I looked at her trying to calm my heart down.

Was she abandoning me? Didn't she have faith in me?

"What are you saying mystic?" I asked standing up.

"I won't accept your love or bond Eric, how can i possibly accept to ruin the life of the only man who has been good and loved me for me? I can't Eric" she cried.

I looked at him trying hard to keep thunder in control, she was hurting us with each word of rejection she said.

"Mystic, that's why am working hard to make everything work okay, don't overreact just leave everything in my hands, the council might try to force me to let you go but i wont, i will fix it all" i said in a pleading tone.

"The council? You mean the council that every supernatural fear's? Eric wake up! its fine i will pack my things and leave, you can choose another bond, dragons can have another bond if they want right? So please choose someone else, as for me i can't ruin you" she yelled as i felt thunder take over.

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