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   Chapter 25 I wish i could have told you

The Lryix Sacrifice ( Mystic untold story ) By Kathrine kayz Characters: 5656

Updated: 2019-09-09 20:04

Kai's p.o.v

I went out for fresh air, Christine was pissing me off a lot lately, how could she be avoiding me like i was a deadly virus.

I looked at master Eric who stepped out of his car ahead, i bowed lowly from afar as he waved, i was about to go to him when i felt it, fear and sadness, these were not my own emotions, it was Christine's, i quickly went back to her room, i was about to open the door when i heard their conversation.

"Christine are you..? Are you?" Mystic whispered lowly.

"What?" Christine asked quickly.

I was curious to know what she was asking about, i carefully opened the door and stood at the door way, they were so focused on each other to even notice i was at the door.

"That secret we promised not to tell master kai" mystic asked loudly.

"What secret?" I asked, i couldn't wait any longer, i wanted to know.


Mystic Sturmerd.

I  looked at Christine, she immediately looked away.

"It's nothing right mystic?" She asked lowly.

"Yes kai, its nothing" mystic answered nervously, i knew there and then i had to separate them if i wanted the truth out of Christine.

"Mystic, master Eric has returned and he would like to see you right away" i calmly laid.

"Excuse me then, Christine come find me if you need anything" she said quickly walking out.

"Mystic! Mystic!" Christine called loudly looking at the door.

She really was hiding something big.

I went to the door and locked it, then moved close and sat down on her bed looking at her, she looked at me in fear, i was getting angry with her, she lowered her gaze at her feet.

"I know you are lying, i can feel it Christine, what secret? I wont ask

alling him, him? It can be a she" i said holding her hands.

She stood frozen for a second.

"The way y..ou love" She whispered.

I chucked while lifting her up in bridal style.


I sat down with her on the bed, she looked at me with tears.

"Christine, i kai love and choose you as my mate and bond, i actually did a long time ago" i said.

I felt a hard slap on my cheek, i looked at her shaking hand then her face.

The pain i felt on my cheek was nothing compared to her facial expression.

"You asshole! I thought you hated me! The day i didn't take the pill i was so scared, i felt like i was betraying you, i thought i was making a grave mistake, despite that i decided to take the risk because i love you, i was so happy despite your moody behavior! Why didn't you tell me sooner" she screamed while hitting me.

"I wish i could have told you sooner Christine, i'm really sorry" i whispered pulling her in my embrace.

"Master" she sobbed holding my shirt in clenched fists.

"Kai, its kai Christine, and i will prove how much i love you day by day" i whispered as she cried loudly.

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