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   Chapter 16 I really don't get him

The Lryix Sacrifice ( Mystic untold story ) By Kathrine kayz Characters: 5729

Updated: 2019-09-01 22:20

Christine's P.o.v

I blinked the sleep away as i tried to look around clearly, i stretched my arms feeling well rested.

I looked at the room and realised it was the room master kai gave me, i lazily got up and went outside, i was sure mystic was worried about me, i looked at the clear afternoon sky, it looked beautiful, i rarely had time to gaze at the sky.

I missed Paulina with my whole heart, but somehow i was glad she was left alone there with master Abel, that way they would be closer to each other and she would learn to survive without me.

"Its beautiful isn't it" mystic's voice whispered.

I turned to look at her, she smiled then looked at me wiredly.

"What?" I asked confused.

"Your bruises have disappeared"

I touched my face quickly, i could see with both eyes and it wasn't painful at all.

"I...i..i don't know how, maybe master helped me" i said slowly.

"Master? As in master kai? Are you okay Christine?" Mystic asked seriously.

"Yes why?"

"Your master nearly killed you, and here you are thinking he helped you, he didn't, that man is violent" she pointed out.

"That's what i thought too but now am not sure, i really don't get him" i said with a sigh.

"Fine, if you say so" mystic sighed lowly too and looked at the sky.

"Mystic how did you know i was here?" I asked.

"Yesterday i was worried you know? I wanted to come and see you but i was afraid master Eric wouldn't be pleased, and i kind of saw you while i was at the balcony" she answered.

"Am fine now, i just needed rest, oh ... I will be staying in the west wing starting from today" i said with a smile.

Mystic looked at me sadly.

"Mystic, i will be fine don't worry, his my master

r him.

"Did my voice make you wet" he whispered.

"Yes, master" i moaned in a daze.

"Should i slip a finger in?" He asked teasingly.

I unconsciously let my hands wonder, i touched his solid chest enjoying his hand on me, the material was getting in my way, i ripped his shirt as the buttons fell down, when my hands touched his skin he groaned lowly feeding my need to get him naked.

I really wanted him, he quickened his pace, all my reason seemed to tell me to accept him, i didn't want him to stop, all my life i was forced to pleasure my past master, and it was disgusting, but right now i was enjoying every little bit of it, this was a new feeling i had never felt, i became a panting and moaning mess.


"Sure, little one, i will make you feel good"

I felt his fangs slowly Pierce my skin as he pushed one finger in me, my body immediately relaxed, i bite my lower lip when he started fingering me it felt like pure bliss, when he added another finger i called out for him in pleasure, i was in pure content as my vision became blurry, all i could hear was master groans of pleasure as he drunk from me.

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