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   Chapter 15 i need her,i really do

The Lryix Sacrifice ( Mystic untold story ) By Kathrine kayz Characters: 5018

Updated: 2019-09-01 21:13

Eric's p.o.v

I woke up with a slight headache, i was surprised to see mystic asleep next to me, i had no idea how she came into my room.

"we are in her room" thunder said lowly.

I looked around.

"Shit, what happened last night? The last thing i remember was drinking with the elders, did they drug me? because i never get drunk" i asked thunder who huffed and ignored me.

I looked at mystic's sleeping face, she was sure beautiful, for a common pet she really was, i usually sneaked into her room every night to see her sleeping face, i never imagined there would be a day i would woke up next to her.

"This is our chance, lets breed her now, she's asleep, she wont fully reject us" thunder whispered.


"What do you mean no? If we don't breed her soon, the elders will take her away from us"

"Thunder she's not ready"

"She will never be, stop spoiling her and breed her, even if its forcing her, do it"

"No, she needs to fall in love with us, i want her to fully accept us, that way she will love our child as well, remember we took her away from the sister, we just cant add another burden to her"

"Eric, you might be patient but am not, if you wont do it, i will"

I stood up making sure not to wake her up and went outside, i walked to my room trying to remember what i did after drinking with the elders, i entered and sat on my bed.

I tried convincing the council to let me be with my bond but they couldn't accept her, the thing that attracted us to myst


"The more time you take, the danger it gets, you know if mystic were to carry your child the council wouldn't kill her, they still need an heir for our family, they would punish you but wouldn't kill you, think about what i have said, don't let them take you away from your bond"

I kissed her forehead lightly.

"I understand mother"

She stood up and went out.

"You know with the help of Clark, kai and Abel we can take down those bunch of damn fools"

Thunder said lowly.

"No, i don't want them dead"

"Then breeding it is" thunder purred joyfully.

"You know, if its forced breeding, no matter how much i want to, she will never get pregnant, the only way she could get pregnant is when she fully accepts the bond and me, don't act as if you don't know, many forced pet who work at the brothel can't get pregnant because of that"

"Then make her accept the bond"

"Thunder cut it out already, but...i guess i have no choice but to breed her to keep her next to me.

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