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   Chapter 14 what to do

The Lryix Sacrifice ( Mystic untold story ) By Kathrine kayz Characters: 6624

Updated: 2019-08-31 13:14

Mystic's p.o.v

When i woke up, i found Chris gone, i worriedly left my room and went in the kitchen, i was greeted by mother jen who was making breakfast.

"Morning mother"

"Hey daughter, its the first time am seeing you in the kitchen, are you looking for someone? She asked with a smile.

"Yes, am looking for Christine, she's a new friend of mine, she's master Kai's pet" i answered while smiling back.

"Oh, i haven't met or seen her, she's probably in the west wing where master Kai stays"

"Mother" master Eric called as he walked into the kitchen.

When my eyes met his i shyly looked away, my heart was beating its own quick rhythm, my cheeks felt hot as memories of yesterday came flooding in my mind, i couldn't believe i wanted more of his touch, i was willing to submit to him despite everything i went through.

"Look at that blush, did something happen between the two of you?" Mother teased.

"What would happen between a pet and a master apart from punishment and taming" his lazy voice made me boil with anger.

Was he really messing with my feelings!

"So were you messing with me?" I glared.

"What did you think pet?" He asked loudly.

"I thought we were getting to know each other" I sounded naive.

"Know each other? Why would i want to know a common pet?" He asked with a chuckle.

"Aren't i your bond?" I asked lowly.

He seemed speechless as he looked at me.

"Eric, is that true? Mother asked loudly.

"Mother am late, i came to tell you i will be coming home late today am attending a meeting" he answered ignoring her.

"Eric, i had my suspicion but if mystic is really your bond, you know she deserves to be treated better" she raised her voice angrily.

"Mother i said am running late" he said ignoring her again.

He moved closer and kissed her forehead.

"Just don't bring anymore pets okay" she said as he nodded.

He turned ignoring me and went out.

I looked sadly at the floor, why were his actions al

e reason i was afraid to be separated from master.

"Leave it" he ordered.

"Eric tell me!"  I yelled sitting upright not caring i used his first name like we were equals, if he would kill me for it so be it, he slowly sat upright facing me.

"Dragons are allowed to have any rank pet, but my family comes from a pure bloodline, for generation my family had only been allowed to breed with supernatural beings and only high rank pets, breeding with a lower pet is a disgrace to the families name, and the councils wont sit back and let me ruin it"

I sighed for a second.

"But am just a pet, so its fine, you are not breeding me or anything" i laughed nervously.

I was pined down on the bed in a flash.

"Do you really not know your purpose? You are my bond, your soul purpose is to be breed by me!" He yelled.

I froze in fear as he fell on top of me.

"Master, master" i struggled.

I slowly pushed him at the other side of the bed.

Was he that drunk to pass out like that? And why was i chosen for such a thing, i didn't want to be breed by him, i knew it was common for a master to want a child from a pet, i also knew all supernaturals wanted a hire from their chosen pets, i just didn't want to, who would be happy to bear a child in a bad and cruel place like this with no love or respect.

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