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   Chapter 12 A glimpse,into Christine's past

The Lryix Sacrifice ( Mystic untold story ) By Kathrine kayz Characters: 4463

Updated: 2019-08-31 12:22

Christine's p.o.v

Ever since i could remember i was always the wired one, i never cried when beat up or bullied, i was born in a family of nine, two boys and seven girls, my mother and father where normal pets who were bought by our master and forced to breed to make more pet children, even so my mother loved my father, our master was a sadist, he enjoyed inflicting pain on my mother and father, when i was young i couldn't really understand it, every time mother gave birth she would tell me she gave up my sister or brother to a better place, being the first born i thought it was for the best, because we slept in cages and we were mistreated, but as i grew up, i learned of the cruel world we lived in, those siblings mother gave up, she was forced to, by our master who sold them to an auction, mother was only left with me and my little sister, my father tried to take care of us in his on way, he would starve only to give mother his little share of food, i was happy just being born from two pets who truly loved each other.

Every night when master would celebrate, he would take mother and father with him, i thought it was for work, until i discovered how sick the master was, he would force himself on mother while father watched, at times he would force father to breed with other pets for fun, mother was sad and alwa

ng to master Abel as a pet should, master Abel made it clear he never wanted a pet but he quickly gained interest in Paulina.

After trying to forget my past life, i met mystic, the minute she walked in with master Eric i could feel the attraction they shared, mystic seemed shy and content on being a pet, i felt jalouse, how could a normal pet have it easy, am ashamed to admit i was so jalouse and made a mistake by asking master Eric for a new pet, it nearly cost me my life.

Master Eric had mercy and sent me to his place to serve master kai, when master kai looked at me he gave me a disgusted look, high rank supernatural can tell if you are not pure, in his sight i was disgusting and used, he ignored me and only paid attention when he hit me because of Lidia and Michelle.

Somehow i understood him, i mean who could ever accept or even love a broken pet?

No one would.

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