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   Chapter 11 The intense attraction

The Lryix Sacrifice ( Mystic untold story ) By Kathrine kayz Characters: 5442

Updated: 2019-08-29 23:51

Mystic's p.o.v

I kissed master back, his soft lips controlling my every move, he lifted me up and settled me on his lap, before i could protest, his lips were back on mine, in a more demanding way, his hand caressed my chest, he moved his other hand and groped my ass, i gasped in pleasure, he took the chance and slipped his tongue in, he explored the taste of my mouth as i did his, his mouth tasted like bitter wine and freshness, my mind was foggy as i breathed in a sweet scent, our tongues crushed and massaged each other while the kiss turned into a gentile one, i willing submitted to him, a growl that sounded like a loud purr came from him, i mourned in the kiss feeling his hand slip in my pants.

"More" i whispered.

His chuckle brought me back to reality, I quickly pulled back breathlessly in pants, master calmly stared at me, i got off of him and sat on the far end, there was no denying the attraction i felt towards him, i shyly swallowed and tried to look away but my eyes wandered on their own, i looked at his well defined body then dropped my gaze lower, i swallowed  a gasp, his hard on was huge, thoughts spread in my head.

'How would it feel to have him in my mouth? Would my mouth take him all in? No mystic, you are just a pet, his not like the men you have sucked off for money, just because he showed kindness doesn't mean he wants you in that way, but one look couldn't kill right? I said to myself, i continued staring while i bite my lower lip harder, i squeezed my legs together, staring at him was making me feel hot all over, i was being aroused, it was so unfair, he had a great effect

r and over.

Lidia smiled impressed with the violence, she looked at Michelle and nodded, Michelle emitted an aura that seemed to have calmed kai, kai stepped away with blood on his hands.

"Next time you lay a hand on these ladies, i will kill you" he spat then walked away.

"You might have master Eric on your side, but master kai is on ours, and soon we will change master Eric's mind towards you" Lidia said as they walked away laughing.

I quickly ran to Christine who lay powerlessly on the floor she was badly bleeding.

I quickly helped her up, she leaned her weight on me while we slowly walked to my room.

"You will be fine"

We walked in my room and i slowly lay her on my bed.

"Let me get mother jen, she will help us"

"No don't" she whispered, her one eye was swollen and closed, her nose had blood coming out.

"We need her help you are badly injured"

"No, master kai will send me away when master Eric knows" she whispered.

"Okay, at least let me prepare you a bath, don't worry I will take care of you" i said as i rushed in the bathroom.

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