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   Chapter 7 mother's heart,mother's love

The Lryix Sacrifice ( Mystic untold story ) By Kathrine kayz Characters: 3594

Updated: 2019-08-29 12:01

Mystic's  p.o.v

"Now let me prepare you some food" she said with a smile.

She was about to leave, i quickly held her hand.

"Please stay"

"Oh sweetheart you must be hungry, let me cook you a meal"

I looked at master Eric then her.

"He wont hurt you, trust me, his been searching for you for a long time" she said softly.

I didn't understand, i knew master Eric was looking for me, i once stole money from his car, by then i had no idea it was his car, i continued stealing from him, i have done bad deeds am not proud of in my life, master Eric wanted to punish me for that and he did, he took scarlet away from me.

She gently kissed my head.

"While i make you something how about taking a shower"

I nodded and let her hand go.

"Good, Eric come with me"

She walked out of the room with master following behind.

I quickly closed the door and went in the bathroom, i looked at the rope which was in the bathtub i couldn't stop the tears that rolled on my cheeks.

I looked at the shower that was near the bathtub and sniffed.

I slowly to

was happy she was close, i choose to believe in her.

"Mother can you tell me a little about this place"

"Sure, this is now your new home"

"Am i really the only common pet?"



"Let me say this, you are the first and only pet Eric has ever brought here" she answered proudly.

I chocked in surprise.

"What? But i saw two female high rank pets"

"How did you know they were high rank?" She asked curiously.

"They have that arrogance i Guess" i answered with a shrug.

"Well yes, we have five female pets and they were all gifted to him by our trusted family friends, it would be rude to turn the offer down, so he accepted them all" she answered as i I looked at her in shock.

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