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   Chapter 6 Master please have mercy

The Lryix Sacrifice ( Mystic untold story ) By Kathrine kayz Characters: 3633

Updated: 2019-08-29 11:10

Mystic  p.o.v

"M.a..ster please"

I chocked the words out.

He dropped his hand as i fell on the floor and inhaled air quickly.

"Master am sorry it was all my fault, i shouldn't have left them in this room alone" kai bowed lowly, i didn't notice that kai was standing next to master Eric.

"Get the girl pet cleaned up master Clark is waiting for her downstairs" he commanded.

I quickly held master Eric's legs.

"Please master i was wrong, forgive me, don't send her away" i begged.

"Girl pet come out of the bathroom or your sister dies" master Eric said loudly, scarlet quickly came out.

"Get her ready" he ordered.

Kai dragged scarlet by the hair as i was held by iron hands.

"Mystic!!! Mystic!!! Mystic, save me!! You said you would protect me!!"

Her screams echoed as i fought the hands that held me.

"No! Scarlet! No! Master please, scarlet"

I screamed.

I was dragged to the bed and pined down, he held both my hands in one of his hand and forced them over my head.

"Master please" i whispered in tears.

"Pets should be taught a lesson"

separated her from her little sister, the best you can do is treat her kindly" she yelled.

"Oh come on all pets are separated from someone" he answered in a cold tone.

"Don't you dare compare those sluts you have in here to her, those slut pets are happy to be in here" she said calmly.


He yelled as i squeezed the ladies hand, in fear.

I knew he would not hesitate to kill me or her.

"Never, and i mean ever raise your voice towards me again"

She said as i looked at her.

Who was she? I wondered.

"Am sorry mother it won't happen again" he answered in a soft voice.


I asked quickly letting her hand go.

"Yes, I'm jen, this asshole's mother"she said smiling sweetly.

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