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   Chapter 5 To be an obedient pet

The Lryix Sacrifice ( Mystic untold story ) By Kathrine kayz Characters: 3343

Updated: 2019-08-29 10:03

Mystic  p.o.v

"Get out, we are here" kai said opening our door.

I got Scarlet's hand and stepped out of the car with her, we stood frozen staring at the big mansion in front of us.

"Move pets, follow me" kai commanded.

We slowly followed, i looked at the beautiful scenery in front of us impressed, the big swimming pool which was at my right side outside, was this really a house? In all my life i have never seen such a big place, then I turned to look at the big beautiful garden on my left.

"Pets i have no time for games move it" kai yelled.

We quickly picked up our pace and kept our eyes only at him, the door was wide opened, i noticed the corridor was decorated in expensive art, when we reached the stairs, two beautiful ladies came down smiling at kai.

"Master kai, welcome" the tall blond one greeted.

"Lidia I told you to stop calling me that" kai angrily said.

"What are these disgusting pets doing here" the tall brunet spat angrily.

"Michelle how about minding your own business" kai whispered.

I noticed he was trying to keep calm.

Lidia and Michelle seemed to have notice, they slowly went up the stairs.

"Now come on" kai said.

We followed him upstairs, we passed eight doors, and went to the second last room, he opened the door and stepped in, we too followed, Scarlet gasped in wonder.

The room was painted silver grey with beautiful rose flower paintings, the huge king size bed had beautiful white golden bed covers, scarlet let go of my hand and ran to the balcony.

"Mystic, i can see cars down there its pretty nice, its high up here" she smiled happily.

I couldn't help but smile too.

"You c

an take a shower in that room" he pointed at the closed door in our bedroom.

"there are some clothes in the wardrobe feel free, i will be outside" kai turned and left, i quickly locked the door.

"Scarlet come here"

She quickly moved closer.

"Was my acting good sister?" She asked in a whisper.

"Yes it made him relax, now grab any clothes you can find, we need to rip them up and tie them together to make a rope, we have to hurry and get out of here"

"Am on it"

She ran to the drawers as i went at the balcony, i looked at the height, it wasn't that far.

"Mystic i found two bedsheets"

"Rip them" i ordered.


I looked at the surrounding, why wasn't there any guards moving up and down, this place was sure strange, the place was so big to be left unguarded.

"Am done"

I looked at the rope Scarlet made then smiled, i quickly got it and tied it to the bed, i went at the balcony and threw the rope down.

"Will this rope be enough?"

"Yes Scarlet, i will go first to make sure it is safe okay?"

I looked at the door hearing the yells outside our room.

"Open the door now or i break it"

Master Eric's voice calmly said.

I looked down then at scarlet, i quickly untied the rope from the  bed and gave it to her.

"Go and hide in the bathroom now, don't come out okay"

I whispered.

She quickly ran in the bathroom and locked it, i took in a quick breath and calmed myself, i slowly went and opened the door, master Eric pushed me over the wall and squeezed my neck, i tried breathing but i failed, i was chocking.

"You dumb pet how dare you try and run away" he yelled as tears rolled on my cheeks.

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