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   Chapter 4 she's all i have in this life

The Lryix Sacrifice ( Mystic untold story ) By Kathrine kayz Characters: 3678

Updated: 2019-08-29 09:50

Mystic p.o.v

There was no backing out, the deed was already done, i knew spitting on a higher ranked master was a death wish, but i couldn't just stand and watch my little sister sold away to these monsters, she is all i have in this life.

"She's so dead" someone in the crowd said.

Master Eric, removed a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped the spit from his face, he threw the handkerchief down and looked at me, his eyes turned lavender, i took a step backwards in fear.

"How about I set an example for all my friends and guests here? I will make this pet mine" he said seriously not taking his eyes off of me.

Loud Cheers made me cower inwardly, i didn't want to be a pet, there was no way out and i was too weak to fight a supernatural, i heard whispers everywhere.

"what's this? Master Eric has never had a common pet all his life, he hates common pets, he only has first rank female pet's" someone said.

I laughed loudly like i was crazy, everyone one looked at me.

"Is this your way of showing everyone you are powerful? You think just because am a mare human i will bend to your every will? Guess what Master Eric? I will never be your pet, i would rather die"

Scarlet gasped in shock, in a flush i was pushed down by master Eric, i watched in fear as his nails lengthened and pieced my shoulder, i bit my lower lip and held in a scream.

Master Eric was pushed off of me, he stumbled a little but gained his balance, i looked at the person who helped me, i quickly stood up, Scarlet stood in front of me showing her pet eyes, i pushed her behind me.

"She's a cursed pet, a sacrifice!!"

"She should die!! Kill her! Kill her now!"

"Yes, kill her" yells and loud voices came from all the directions.

I looked at the masters who where pointing at us angrily, i trembled in fear.

I slow

ly moved in front of master Eric and lowly knelt down at his feet.

"Master please, save my sister, i promise to be a good pet, please, she's the only family i am left with" i fought the tears that threatened to fall.

Master Eric smirked and looked at the guests.

"Anyone who wants the girl they can have her at $1, she's not to be killed" he ordered.

"But why? She deserve death"

"No one wants her"

I stood up and stretched out my hand for scarlet, she ran into my arms and sobbed.

"I bind $5" the old man said happily.

"Don't worry, i will always protect you" i whispered in her ear

"I bind $5 million for her" a deeper voice said everyone stood In silence, i looked at the man in a black tuxedo.

"Master Clark, no master has ever bought a pet at that price, the highest rank pet is bought at $50"  kai said looking shocked as almost everyone, i too was in shock, scarlet pulled back and looked me.

Master Clark looked at master Eric angrily.

"Kai get the female pet cleaned up for master Clark, and do clean my pet too"master Eric ordered.

Kai lowly bowed, he got our hands and stepped away from the two masters, we obediently followed him, as we moved i heard the snarls and angry glares.

"I cant believe master Clark spoke for the first time, i thought he was mute"

"I heard his rich and powerful, sadly no one knows his rank"

"Why was he even here? This is the first time i have seen him at an auction party, he hates places like these"

"Why on earth would he buy a filthy female sacrifice, even master Eric, how could they both buy the filth we despise"

I ignored their words and voices as we walked out of the place, once small kai opened the door and pushed us in the car, i hugged Scarlet closely.

"It will be fine" i said lowly but i knew nothing was going to be fine.

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