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   Chapter 3 We can not be separated

The Lryix Sacrifice ( Mystic untold story ) By Kathrine kayz Characters: 3194

Updated: 2019-08-27 14:04

Scarlet's p.o.v

When the car stopped, we were forcefully pulled out and dragged to where the noise came from, i heard someone open the door and push us in, immediately the noise died, i knew the people  were all looking at us, i struggled to follow the hand that pulled me on a higher ground.

"Remove their clothe" A deep voice commanded.

I felt hands untie the clothe on my covered eyes, it took me a second for my blurry eyes to be okay, i slowly looked at the man who i was so sure gave the command.

He stood in a blue suit at 169 cm tall i guessed, his short black hair was richly cut, his cold dark green eyes were scary, he gave out a strong aura but not as strong as the other guy who calmly stood at 178 cm, he gave out a powerful attractive aura around him.

"Don't look them in the eyes" mystic Whispered.

I looked at my sister who was looking down at her feet, i wanted to look down but something in me couldn't let me, i stared at the attractive calm guy, my heart raced wildly, he was taller than the men that captured us, his black tuxedo made him the most smart and handsome man i have ever set my eyes on.

His eyes were unusual, a combination blend of dark purple and dark blue, his strong face feature made him look serious and scary too, i was about to look down when i noticed his eyes roaming all over my body, from my face to my chest they stopped at my breast, i angrily glared at him.

I felt my cheek sting, i looked at the scarred man who hit me then at my sister who shook her head slowly.

"You don't look or glare at any master" the scarred guy


I looked around at the masters who were watching us, they where all richly dressed, their pets stood proud and laughed at us as if we were filth in their eyes.

"Master Eric, are you going to auction them now?" The scarred man asked while bowing lowly.

"Of course kai, auction them at the lowest price" the man who gave the command answered.

The scarred man whose name was kai, stood upright and smiled.

"good evening to all our respectable masters, master Eric today has invited you all for the auction of new pets, unfortunately the auction is postponed for tomorrow, today we will only auction these two normal pets, the bind starts at $1" kai said loudly.

I took in deep breaths ignoring the murmuring that broke off and the look of disgust they gave us.

"I bind $3 for the red head pet" an old richly dressed fat man said loudly.

I was about to panic when mystic held my hand.

"No, i wont give my sister away to any of you fucking animals, don't you dare!!"

Mystic screamed as she was pinned down in a flash by kai, i was about to run to her when she shook her head, i stood frozen.

"What a disgusting pet and sturbon too" a woman yelled as many masters agreed.

Master Eric lifted his hand and mystic was set free, mystic quickly stood up, i watched master Eric move closer and stood in front of her.

"You are just a worthless thief, pet my word here is law" master Eric whispered.

Mystic angrily spat on his face, everyone gasped, others looked and stared in shock and horror.

"Mystic, what have you done" i whispered in fear. . . . .

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