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   Chapter 2 This can not be happening

The Lryix Sacrifice ( Mystic untold story ) By Kathrine kayz Characters: 4169

Updated: 2019-08-27 10:21

Scarlet's  p.o.v

I sat looking at my sister mystic, she was busy attending to her bruised arm.

I sighed then cleared my throat.

"Um..can i help?"

"No, you just sit there and be quite"

She said coldly.

"But it looks bad"i said looking at the red colour that showed.

She looked at me for a minute then smiled.

"Am fine sis"

I slowly nodded.

Mystic was so kind to me, she was always worrying and caring for me, somehow she reminded me of our late mother because she looked a lot like her.

Mystic was slightly tall, taller than me she stood at 159 cm, she had a small waist with long beautiful black hair, her ocean blue eyes were always calm, the total opposite of me, i was short, i stood at 150 cm, i was thin with long red scruffy hair and brown eyes.

Ever since i was a child, i was taught how to be slow in reacting and showing feelings, mystic hated talking about our parents a lot, for years we have been hiding under a bridge, although its hard being there, we had gotten used to it, i only had two pares of ragged clothes and one pare of Sandals, mystic usually went out to look for food which she usually came back empty handed, despite that am content.

Mystic is turning 23 in the next coming two month's and i will be turning 18, luckily we share the same month, in all my years i have never stepped foot beyond the Forest, mystic has always kept me here and forbids me to go further.

Every night before we sleep she tells me about the dangers of being a pet and sacrifice, many children ranks are known when they hit puberty, i was so excited when i hit puberty until my eyes turned pure red, i became scared i couldn't stop crying, mystic was always by my side telling me how much she loves me and care's, at first it was hard to believe her because she was a normal pet.

With time i accepted it and made sure to always keep my emotions in check, mystic usually goes out and comes back with bruises, cuts and at times with no clothes at all.

When i go to sleep, i usually hear her cry, though when morning comes she doesn't d

are to show that she had been crying, i know unmarked pets are usually harmed, sold to the brothel or taken to an auction, i and my sister are always living in fear because we are unmarked.

Mystic quickly stood up and observed the environment.

"Mystic whats wrong?"

I asked worried.

"Quiet scarlet"



She whispered as i stood up.


She cursed, she quickly got my hand and ran to the back entrance of the bridge.

"They are on the ran boss"

A mans voice shouted.

I breathless followed my sisters steps behind, we ran through the Forrest then suddenly stopped.

We heard a lot of footsteps and growls coming from all direction, mystic quickly hugged me.

"If we get captured, remember to keep calm, don't ever show your pet eye colour"

She whispered as i breathed calmly.

"Mystic am scared" i said.

"Don't be, Scarlet promise me you wont show your pet eyes"

"I pro..

Before i could finish my sentence i was forcefully pulled away from mystic and pined down, by strong hands, i struggled to be set free.

I looked at my left side and saw two guys holding mystic tightly while the rest surrounded us.

"Please let her go"

Mystic begged.

"You little slut, how dare you try to steal from my master"

A scary, tall looking man with a scar on his left eyes said.

"Am sorry, punish me alone, please"

Mystic yelled.

"You are in no position to order us, you are lucky, the master wants you unharmed because his auctioning new pets today" he said as he dragged her forcefully.

I struggled as i was dragged along.

"Am sorry please, i can have sex with all of you, even suck you off if you want"mystic said as i looked at her in shock.

"That's a tempting offer, and you sure look beautiful, but sadly master wants you untouched, if i was to touch you he would have my head"

He said smiling.

I looked In front and saw four cars parked.

"Cover their eyes"

The man ordered.


I screamed, two men covered us with a dark clothe tightly and pushed us in their open cars. . . .

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