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   Chapter 1 The supernatural world

The Lryix Sacrifice ( Mystic untold story ) By Kathrine kayz Characters: 4032

Updated: 2019-08-26 13:30

In a world were supernatural rule according to their ranks. . . .

The fourth and last supernatural masters:

The wolves, vampire's, shifters, witches, warlock, fairies and pixies.

Strength: not very powerful.

Pets: third rank humans.

Facts:they are strong, possessive, friendly, can bond or breed with both humans and supernaturals, good looking, not very rich, intelligent, social, posses supernatural powers and strength, they live longer.

The third strong supernatural masters: the lycans and hybrids.

Strength: strong.

Pets:second rank humans.

Facts:lycans and hybrids are possessive, strong, friendly, can serve the above supernaturals, attractive, intelligent, can breed with both supernaturals and humans, rich, posses supernatural strength, they live longer.

The second strongest supernatural masters: the


Strength: strongest.

Pets:first rank humans.

Facts:dragons are their own masters, they are rich, they breed with their chosen supernaturals, on a rear case can breed with humans, very possessive, want total submission, friendly when need be, intelligent, very attractive, very rich, at times bad tempered and violent, posses supernatural strength, they live longer.

The first strongest and most powerful masters: the Lryix.

Strength: most strongest.

Pets: none rear

Facts: Lryix are a rear combination of dragon, hybrid and lycan, they are bad tempered, unfriendly, love isolation, they are rarely seen, rarely breed with any supernatural, very rich, most feared, violent, possessive, want total submission, mostly cold hearted, very intelligent, very attractive, they release a powerful pheromone to force any supernatural into submission, they live the longest and posses supernatural strength.

Humans are as weak as they could ever be, every humans rank is determined at their own maturity age, old humans are killed for they lose their use and purpose, babies born by human pets are kept in cages, treated cruelly, beaten, unfed and

are mostly weak, only those born from the supernaturals are treated with care and respect, the stronger the master you serve the powerful the baby you birth, many human live to breed and please their master's, when a human births a half supernatural, they receive half the respect as their masters.

Every human owned by a supernatural has a given mark by their master, unmarked human pets are usually captured and sold at an auction.

Human ranks are known from their eye colour which only show when they experience strong emotions such as fear, arousal, joy, sadness etc, they mostly have normal eyes when they are calm.

First rank pets:

Their eyes turn silver, they have freedom, good education, are intelligent, posses an ability to calm anything even the most violent of beasts, they posses the power of seduction, they are mostly full of pride, they respect their master, they are not submissive, they are not social to low class pets and they think they are always right and attractive.

Second rank pets:

Their eye's turn golden, they possess the power of music and dance, they have limited freedom and can only move around with their masters approval, they have a good education, they are not intelligent as the first rank, they are friendly, submissive, social and loyal to their masters.

Third rank pets:

Their eyes don't turn, they have normal eye colour, they are not that intelligent, they are social, friendly, total submissive, they mostly have no educational background, no freedom, they are used to please the masters, mostly sold to more than one master, they are very loyal.

Fourth rank pets:

Cursed, taboo also known as sacrifice pet, their eyes turn pure red, very intelligent, very submissive, no freedom, no education background, mostly raped, tortured, used, hated, mistreated, can be a pet for first, second and third ranked pets, weak, fragile, hated, poor, killed before they are owned by any master, they have multiple masters at once, they are very rear.

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