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   Chapter 31 Picture in His Side of Hell

Through the Dark Corners of Rome By hei cue Characters: 18911

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Margaux let out another heavy sigh upon hearing Rome. They were on their way to 'God-knows-where' but she couldn't even manage to ask where were they heading. She was just as how she was when since they left the cemetery... voided.

"Is this how you're gonna react on me for breaking your rules again?"

She stiffened and then turned away from him, resting her cheeks to the headrest of her seat while looking out of the window. She wasn't ready to answer why she was so coward about what he confessed. All she knew was that whatever was happening now shouldn't be happening at all.

'God! I'm about to go crazy...'

"I should have known that you are a real pussy. Dammit!"

"Same as I should have known that you are a real dick." she finally talked, glaring at him angrily through the rearview. Truth was, he didn't need to tell her about how unstable her emotions were. She knew already knew about it.

"I can't understand why you're so hard headed, Rome?" Margaux watched his jaw clenched upon hearing her. "What's hard to follow about the rules. We're so clear about it when we started. I use you, you use me. Why can't you just... "

"Can't you just shut your mouth up!" Rome kicked the brake without even slowing down. Her butt lifted from her seat due to the sudden stop but the brut didn't even care about that. Rather, he bolted out of her car and ordered, "Get out of the car, coward."


"Out. Of. The. Fucking. Car." His voice sounded harder when he hit the top of her chevy. Next thing she saw was her car's door shutting before her face. He was obviously mad at her and she knew why. However, she knew what she wanted and there was no way that she was backing down on him. Rome needed to take his words back.

'Damn, Margaux. Damn! Damn! Damn! This is getting out of hand. There shouldn't be any emotions involved here. Not anger, not anything!' she cursed herself while watching Rome walked around the car towards one of the pubs lined on that street.

"Does your pretty ass need a lift, pussy?" he coldly asked, shooting her a freezing stare when he stopped before a glass door. He then cocked his head irritably before palming his face. "You know I wouldn't mind carrying you all over the place, right?"

The silent warning he made Margaux move. She pushed the door and walked out of the car lazily towards him.

She felt the warm sunset hit her face and curiously, she gave the place they were in a quick glance. She found rows and rows of establishments, both big and small, facing the broad Pacific sea at the other side of the street. The sea was calm that day amid the wind blowing her hair into a mess. There were also palm trees lined near the breakwater giving the whole area a rather tropical glow.

"Where are we?"

It was his turn to deadpanned her. One freezing glare to let her know how pissed he was and he grabbed her hand. However, Margaux moved her hand away even before he could touch her. And instantly, awkward silence engulfed them both.

'God! Why are my hormones over reacting to him now? It wasn't like he never touched me before.' she wondered before turning to the glass door in front of them to avoid his confused gaze. She then pretended to inspect the name printed there in red bold letter. 'ROMANS Night Club'.

Squinting, she turned to Rome before cocking her head to the door. "Are you kidding me? You brought me into a closed pub at four in the afternoon for a date?"

He didn't answer her and just pointed at the door, gesturing her to walk in.

She tried to fake a laugh to cover how uncomfortable she was and then blurted, "You're impossible!"

She was about to say more but then still ended up pushing the door when her eyes met Rome's serious face. Raising both of her hands in a surrendering gesture, she walked in while shaking her head. "Fine! Fine! Just stop giving me that death glare..."

"Gesu Cristo, Maestro! You never said you'll come!" A young man cut off even before she could scream.

For Pete's sake! She never expected the scene that welcomed her as soon as she opened the door. There were two nude dancers in the middle of the stage making out out with each other as if in a private show!

The young man, who was wearing sleeveless and was displaying his fully tattooed arms jumped anxiously from the only occupied seat before the stage. He ran as fast as he could towards them making his super hard mohawk hair waved a bit and his nose ring moved when his breath flared. He looked worse than someone who saw a ghost when he stopped before them and raised his hand while reporting like a good boy. "The club is doing great, Maestro and umh... I'm just doing an interview with the new dancers and..."

"Tell your fucking bitches to cover their tits, Tats, " Rome who never expected the scene too, finally stepped forward, stopping right behind Margaux. Just before she could say something about the two freaking naked girls making out, he already removed his jacket and without any ado, wrapped and covered her protectively like a spring roll. "I got a my wife here..."

For a while, the guy named, Tat furrowed his eyebrows. "S-sorry, Maestro. Did I really hear 'wife?'"



Their voices came out in a choir. She was waddling in his arms but she couldn't do anything. She was about to scream that Rome was lying when he spoke."Get my car ready and tell Lucille to come over to kick your ass on my behalf."

That was the last thing Margaux heard from Rome and Tat before she felt her feet lifted blindly from the floor. Split second more and her body hurled in the air, making her grunt loudly when her tummy

r, "

"Oh! Great! Thanks and Fuck you."

He grinned upon hearing her. Then he lifted her chin, forcing her to look in his amber eyes before sighing, "I fuck you so much too, cara mia..."

It was a cuss!

She was sure that they just cussed each other's faces but when Rome's fingers found her hair and combed through her long locks tenderly, she lost track of her anger and ended up swallowing hard. She couldn't tell why the gentleness and warmth of that moment made her eyes feel so hot, she was about to cry.

"Now stop bad-mouthing my mother. She's dead you're not making sense and she won't hear you anymore."

"No. No.. No...I'm s-sorry, Caro. I was just..."she was still stupefied when he pulled her over for another kiss, this time on her forehead.

"I understand. Stop being jealous, okay? I'm yours." he whispered on her skin and made her toes tingled. "I'm all fucking yours, Margaux."

She wasn't sure how long she froze on her feet with her mouth ajar. She didn't even feel it when Rome stepped away from her. He walked to his bed, grabbed a black leather case under it and then started for the door. "I'll leave you for an hour, Il mia tesoro."

"W-wait! Didn't you just promise that you won't leave me alone just now?" Her eyes fluttered when she turned to him and saw him leaving in huge strides.

Looking at his watch, he just shrugged his shoulders at her and stopped by the metal door. He grabbed something from the hook behind it, a freaking business suit.

"You're not going to leave me alone in this pub basement, Rome!"she demanded stepping towards him.

"You're not alone. I asked someone to accompany you."


He didn't look back anymore when he pressed some codes on the keypad just next to the metal door and slid out of it like he didn't want to hear her high pitch voice.

She was still stuck when something suddenly hit her.

The door!

The door was code activated!

"Hey, Caro! Give me the code before you... leave." she ended up exhaling her last word when the door shut on her face. She didn't even have the chance to finish talking.


Not knowing what to do, she went to the his desk and tried entertaining herself with the picture again. She got no clue what she was exactly feeling that time when she sank on his office chair while blankly staring at the photo.

Was she mad? Angry? Suffocated? Or was she wondering when in freaking history did she saw that photo first? She was sure that this wasn't the first time she was looking at it. The tugged on the pit of her tummy was strong. She knew that she saw it somewhere!

Nonetheless, she ended up running her fingertips on Rome's baby face. He looked like an angel as a baby, tiny, single tooth, charming. Was his momma aware of how handsome his son grew up to be?

Then as if day dreaming, her mind went back to what Rome said, their babies would look better.

'Get a hold of yourself, Margaux! Why the hell are you suddenly thinking about babies? What's this? Hormones?'

That was when she heard the metal door opened again. She remained unmoving behind the office chair. Thinking that it was Rome coming back and forgetting something, she readied her nastiest voice and croaked, "So, you forgot to put me inside your bag, Rome? Give me the fucking door code..."

"No, seniora. I am the Maestro's ..."

Her back straightened instantly when a woman's voice answered her sarcasm. Then before she could control her mouth and the newcomer finish talking, she turned the swivel chair a little too forcefully and spat, "Girlfriend? Are you Rome's girlfriend?"

Goodness! She couldn't deny it anymore, her jealousy was bubbling in her mouth like acid and God knew how she was holding the world by a single hair strand.

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