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   Chapter 30 Sweet, Emotional and Sincere F ck You

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[We had a security breach yesterday, Maestro.]

Rome's fingers tightened on the stirring wheel of Margaux's car. He was listening to Lucille's voice over his lapel and suddenly wanted to give his assistant a double black eyeshadow to match her lipstick. However, he remembered that she was a woman so he just gritted his teeth, he wouldn't do it, of course.

He had already been having a bad day since his fight with Margaux earlier. How could he be ready for another issue when his mind was full of nothing but the only woman he had ever wanted?

Yes, it was clear to him now and it was as real as the news that was making him mad right now. He was falling for her. Helplessly if he may add. For the first time in his goddamn boring life, someone had crept under his skin... his cara.

He didn't mean to.

He couldn't even explain when it started. Could it be in the hotel?

He had never met anyone who could grab him by the balls just by simply smiling at him. She was the only person who could scare the shit out of him yet at the same time still crave her more and more.

There had been tens of women, none of them even close to how she could burn his desire like wildfire, more so, make him feel things he wasn't aware and ready about. She was a reminder that he was still alive and capable of feeling.

Margaux was like a curse cast at him.

The only thing that he was certain about now was that Margaux was rotting him inside-out, slowly but surely.

She was unconsciously changing him to who he wasn't supposed to be. He wasn't supposed to feel anything. But fuck... he couldn't even take his eyes off her, watching her patiently from inside her car as she sat next to her mother's grave.

"How the fuck did that happen, Lucille?" he breathed in frustration while stroking his hair. This was the very first time he heard this happen since he came to his home. The House of Saavedra had always been equipped with the toughest security system due to the nature of business they do for the mafia. This was just uncalled! "Is there any damages?"

[We lost all our tracks of Alejandro, Maestro...]

"Cazzo!" he snapped punching his fist against the dashboard too loudly. Was his assistant really saying that?

[And we lost all traces of the spy who entered the House too...]

His sight immediately turned red. It took them a while to finally traced Alejandro's whereabout! Their enemy was moving from one place to another, not just in MA City but all over Europe as well!

More than the fact that he needed to sort his actual plan to kill him smoothly, he had to make sure that Margaux would be out of that Alejandro's fucking villa before all issues collapse.

He felt himself choked right at that moment. He couldn't do it. This was the very first mission he was chickening out to do. God! Since when did he learn how to be this disturbed? He was supposed to merciless!

His family had decided to take down the only descendant of Alejandro Montenegro together with all the people in that villa. The mafia wanted to make sure that nobody else would know about the Code of Amati. Worse, the plan had to be executed as soon as Alejandro came home.

Would he have the heart to kill his woman? Damn fucking no way.

But would he have the guts to go against his father, Marco Saavedra, and the Mafioso as well? Same damn fucking no way.

Thus, his only option was to cheat the killing game. However, how was he going to do that if he was losing all his control of things?

"Do Steffano and Escobar already know about this?"

[Yes, both of your brothers know. Even your father,

o home by your... "



Margaux wasn't ready when Rome suddenly pulled her forcefully and to her shock, clasped her in a mixed martial arts way!

In a blink of an eye, she found her neck strategically locked inside one of his arms with his other arm locked around her torso, pressing both of her hands against her chest, making her looked like she was tied on a tree! Her back was as flat as possible against his hard body, thus, she could feel all his crooks and cranny behind her!

He wasn't hurting her. She could even feel how careful he was while caging her in that not-so-romantic embrace. It was gentle but at the same time, very dangerous. Very Rome! The position he put her in, made her understood how he could snap her neck in just one swift move in case she say no.

"Are we going now, cara mia?" she heard him whisper in her ear in a playful tone before loosening his arms around her. He then grabbed both of her shoulders, forced her to turn around, and then before she knew it, rocked her world with an electrifying kiss.

The softest and sweetest he had given her since they met.

No malice. Just purely kissing her under that tree, tracing her lips with his in a way he never did before. Dang how her heart felt like swelling inside her.

She had never been kissed like that before! More so, in front of her mother!

"I already promised you this one time and I'm gonna promise this again." Rome pulled from their kiss and smiled.

There was a certain emotion showing in his eyes when his fingertip traced her jaw and said, "Non ti lascerei. Lo prometto." He whispered to her dotingly. "You will be wherever I am and I'll be wherever you are..."

Margaux felt herself about to blow with all the emotions that suddenly cruised her body at once.

Was he aware that he was saying that before her mother? It was like he was promising him something he was so sure about and all she could there was froze.

She didn't want to feel how her throat was beginning to hurt all of a sudden!

More so, she didn't want him to feel the way he was feeling too when his fingertip trembled against her cheek.

However, everything was real! The heartbeats she was feeling were as real as the man himself standing before her.

Rome's confession was like a tidal wave and all she ended up replying was a strangled, emotional, sweet, and very sincere...

"Fuck you."

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