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   Chapter 29 No Good (SPG Warning)

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'The fuck?'

Margaux couldn't care less when the gold watch on her hand slipped her fingers. She was caught between wanting to laugh and wanting to curse while sitting before her dresser. She was holding a brown enveloped in her right hand while her other remained frozen in the air.

It had been two days since she received that package but just remembered opening it today. She and Rome had been too busy fixing their house the past few days and even ended up violating her rules, meeting a lot earlier than talked about and separating a little later in the morning.

The first weird thing about the package was that it was from Greg's dad, Leonardo. The second was that it wasn't a demand letter nor subpoena for Rome. Rather, he sent him a pair of tickets for one of their most prestigious cruise ships, a fucking Omega watch, and a handwritten wedding invitation to Greg's wedding. Leonardo even addressed her and him as Mr. and Mrs. Scum!

'This is crazy... Uncle Leonardo's out of his mind!'

It was when that the sound of the bathroom door opening made Margaux jerked.

She quickly grabbed the watch before her and slipped it inside her drawer.

Trying her best to look casual, she turned to the direction of the sound and opened her mouth in feigned anger. "It's time, Rome. Get out of my room..."

Her jaw froze as soon as her eyes landed on him. Goodness! Nobody told her that there would be a demigod walking out of that frosted door.

Rome was a tall guy and his presence inside her room made the space relatively small. He was looking both fresh and hot with nothing but a white towel hanging low on his hips. Although he had seen him full skin a lot of times, Margaux still ended up biting her lower lips with the view of his toned abs.

'Dang, Caro. Do you really have to display yourself like that...'

"I'm not going to hold myself and just look if I were you."

"W-what?" Hearing his teasing voice, Margaux blinked her eyes as if she just woke up from daydreaming.

"You've been looking at me like you want to eat me." A low laugh escaped Rome's lips and Margaux's gaze immediately went up to his face.

It was just then that she realized where she had been staring. She palmed her face to cover how her cheeks heated up and forced herself to look up from his crotch to his face. Darn it! Why couldn't she just act normal when Rome was around. Her man was turning her to a sun dried needy cougar every time.

'My man?' She cocked her head to dismiss the thought.

"Get out of the room, Rome." She felt thankful that her voice came out whole amid the ball of heat forming inside her thongs. She then casually up from her chair and started for the bathroom before adding, "I got an appointment today and I have to leave in an hour... ugh!"

Rome pulled her to him even before she could finish talking, effectively disturbing system when her soft breasts flattened on his hard damp body.

"Aren't you taking me with you?" he whispered in her ear sensually.

"You can't. I already told you that you can't..."

"Why? Don't you need me there?" His hand was warm when it slid down from her waist to the end of her nightgown.

She knew that she shouldn't allow this to happen but when Rome grabbed her ass and squeezed one ass cheek in each hand, her body instantly reacted to him, jumping a bit so she could hug his waist with her legs.

'Damn, Margaux! Where's your self control, girl?' her mind reprimanded her but then she just couldn't stop. Especially, when Rome was acting all sensual and soft on her again.

"Don't you need a driver? A bodyguard? A maid? Use me, Margaux. I don't mind being those..."

"I-it's my mother's death anniversary, " she stammered when his lips landed on her temple and tenderly kissed her there. All his actions were hitting her on all wrong spots! Spots that he didn't want him to get in. "That's a special occasion to me, Caro. So no..."

"If it's that special to you then the more I want to be there."

"You can't."

"Why?" He ran his nose along the side of her neck then went back to her ear whispering hoarsely, "I want to be there."

"Caro, you're already crossing my boundaries... oh!" She tried to cut him off but then gawked when he buried his face on her neck and nonchalantly bit her there. God, it was tingles! However, her mind was still screaming inside her head and a part of her wasn't liking how the man inside her arms was making her lost her breath. "Rome we are clear that we are just using each other. We can't keep fucking our rules like this."

"I never agreed to those rules." His voice sounded cold when he changed the way he was carrying her. "He snaked one of her arms around her waist, not letting her fall, and then slid his hand between their bodies, tugging his towel down and letting it fall on the floor. "You are the only one making those shits, Margaux."

His expert hand moved under the hem of her nighties, pushing her undies to one side as he started tracing her soft womanhood's lips with his fingers.


"Who are you to talk about boundaries?" he continued to hiss coldly at her. There was a heavy emotion coating his words and it was making her heart beat hard."Do you even got a clue of the boundaries I've putting down on my end?"

"Caro, I didn't ask for that." Margaux tried to reason out, although she didn't know what her meant.

There was something so clear and loud about his words that was flashing red lights on the back of Margaux's head. It was scaring her. She was about to spat the dirtiest cussed on his face when Rome quickly shut her up

pened but every time you do this to me, Margaux. You are making me remember that I lost my best..."

"Stop worrying. You're not even my mother." she shut the old woman off with the coldest voice she could muster. "Alberta, I understand the trauma, but you are getting overboard."


Remorse bit Margaux when she saw her maid's eyes teared a bit. Nonetheless, she chose to ignore it and stay strong on her feet. Her maid was getting too much!

"You have grown indeed..."

"Yes, that's why I don't need you anymore. I don't need a nanny anymore. Can you please stop meddling with my life?"

"Are you really telling me that, Margaux?"


The old maid froze. She could feel that the Alberta was having a hard time looking at her as if she wanted to say a lot of things. However, Margaux just let out an exasperated sigh and ignored the old woman's feelings again.

Well, fine! It was indeed Alberta who raised her but then it shouldn't be forgotten that her father was paying her as a maid too! The bottom line was, Alberta should stop acting like she was her mother because she didn't need one.

Feeling the animosity between them, Alberta stood up and made her way to the door. She was already half way out when she looked back at Margaux with sad eyes. Then as if she knew something, her gaze landed on the towel on the floor before looking back at Margaux again.

"There's a wet towel on the floor when its obvious that you haven't taken a bath yet, " Alberta shot her a knowing look. "Who's with you inside this room, Margaux? Why couldn't you open the door earlier?"

"No one, " Margaux lied to hide how her heart went mad inside her chest. Fuck! She didn't see that coming.

Nodding at her defensiveness, Alberta then took a deep breath and said, "I hope you aren't with the same person I think you are with." Another sad smile crossed her wrinkled face."You don't know what you're doing, Margaux. You're putting yourself in danger. He's no good for you..."

"Shut up! You are not even my mother!" She didn't know if Alberta still heard what she screamed because the next thing she recall was her room's door closing again.

Her knees suddenly wobbled under her weight upon realizing how sharp Alberta was to noticed a simple clue like the towel on the floor. It was so close... so so close.

"I didn't expect for the towel to cause that much drama, cara. I'm sorry..."

"Get out of of my room, Rome!" She clenched her teeth upon seeing the man walked out of the closet. She was suddenly having this gut feeling that Alberta already knew about them and she couldn't tell why she was getting scared. "I know you heard about what Alberta said..."

"That I'm no good for you?" he completed her sentence in a serious tone. "What she said has no value to me, Cara " he continued without looking at her and picking the towel from the floor. "As you said, she's not your mother in the first place."


"We're still going out." he cut her off in silent anger again and casually put the towel back to his waist.

" I thought I made myself clear. I don't want people meddling with my pathetic life..."

"And I believe that I made myself clearer when I said I'm not up for your rules anymore!"

Margaux's mouth shut when Rome abruptly turned to her and they ended up looking at each other's eyes.

She felt it again! He wasn't saying it directly but she could hear it on the back of her head as his amber eyes dug through her soul. He might be mad at her right now but his emotions were so palpable to her for the first time that she could almost taste in the air.

Rome. Was. Falling. For. Her.

"N-No way, " she whispered to herself in disbelief. "No fucking way, Rome!"

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