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   Chapter 28 Their House

Through the Dark Corners of Rome By hei cue Characters: 13097

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It was the empty sheets beside her that woke Margaux up and made her back sprang out of the bed abruptly.

Her eyes searched for Rome upon realizing that he wasn't beside her.

Wincing, she scanned the room she was in and then suddenly froze.

For Pete's sake! She wasn't in her treehouse anymore but inside her room!

Did Rome carry her back here last night? Oh God, she couldn't even tell.

Rushing out of her bed, she grabbed the alarm clock on her bedside table and checked the time. She cussed upon realizing that it was almost lunch.

Did she really sleep that deep? How was it even possible for Rome to moved her from the treehouse to her room without her feeling it? Worse, the sun was already up. Thus, they need to go back to being strangers again!

Although she wanted to question Rome, she would have to wait until eleven in the evening tonight before she could approach him as his secret... God! What were they again?

'Damn, rules!' she cussed inside her head while walking to the bathroom. She wasn't the type of person to regret things easily but for some reason, she couldn't stop herself from biting her in irritation that time.

Couldn't he just at least wake her up before he left? She got no exact name about what was causing her to frown but she was certain that she liked waking up with Rome.

Yes, it was shameful to admit but she liked waking up to his handsome face! It was awesome watching him sleep next to her as they shared pillows. What was there not to like, feeling warm and cozy with the most good looking man she had seen anyway?

She was liking every embrace, every kiss, and most of all every suppressed moan she was hearing from him whenever they made love to each other every after they woke up...

"Make love to each other?" Her feet stopped from walking.

Then as if a big joke happened before her, she laughed alone before continuing her steps to her bathroom.

"What the crap am I talking about?" She even reprimanded herself.

Until her laugh gradually faded when she finally reached the bathroom door and found something taped on it.

Wanting to make sure that what she was seeing was real, she blinked her eyes multiple times hoping for her imagination to stop fooling her.

But then the paper before her face remained to wave like a flag as the morning breeze from her open window blew it.

Speechless, she grabbed on the paper abruptly. Then even before she could control herself, she ended up laughing again with tears brimming her eyes.

The heck! Rome made a floor plan for her treehouse!

She didn't even know that he got that talent!


"MARGAUX, are you sick?"

Margaux stopped from chewing her toast as fast as she could when Alberta's voice interrupted her. To be honest, she was trying to finish her breakfast as fast as she could. Rome wasn't around. According to Alberta, the man was inside the library at that time, talking with her dad.

It was odd that her dad chose to talk with Rome, rather than her. However, her mind was too occupied to even deal about it. She was too happy today, and she hadn't felt like this for so long.

For the first time in a long time, she felt so contented again.

She grabbed her coffee and drank it regardless of the way her face distorted with how hot it was. She coughed when her coffee choked her, good thing that Alberta was fast and immediately tapped her back.

"You were smiling like a moron the whole time you're eating, Margaux, " her nanny said worriedly before scooting in front of her to check her face.

"I'm okay, I'm okay." Margaux pushed Alberta's hand when the old woman attempted to touch her cheeks. She could have raised her voice with how her maid acted but then she was just in a nice mood that she couldn't even frown.

"Are you sure you're okay, honey?"

"Yeah! What's wrong? How about you, Alberta, are you okay?" she inched away from th

pe, " Now that question was something really easy to answer. However, his cara didn't seem to like his response and frowned. He smirked, even his cara's pouting lips looked perfect to him. "I'm not lying. I like the way your breast fits my hand. I like how easy it is grip your hips whenever you're riding me hard, I like the way your vagi..."

"I almost graduated from college! I know human anatomy, Caro!" His cara cut him off. Still beautiful though even when she was throwing him dagger stares.

After a while of staring at him in annoyance, Margaux picked the paper from the bed and showed it to him. "Let's talk about your design, " she said.

It was only then that he realized she had been sketching over the floor plan he made. Trying to be his normal self he rolled to his side and faced his lady, giving the paper a good glance.

However, he wasn't able to figure out what was that thing she drew, Thus, he ended up nodding his head while guessing, "Okay... that's a very colorful box..."

"It's our treehouse." his cara immediately corrected him in a stern tone. Nonetheless, his face remained blank of any clue while staring at the drawing. A few seconds more and Margaux exasperated a sigh, "You didn't notice the window, did you?"

"Window?" he bent closer to see what was on her drawing. Damn him! He still couldn't figure out anything comprehensible on it at all! "Give me ten more minutes, I'll find that window, cara..."

"It's behind the curtains!" she sounded irritated when she pushed the paper closer to his face.

Still puzzled, Rome gave it one more stare, trying his best to to see what the freaking box exactly meant.

Aside from the fact that his lady's drawing made the whole paper looked like it was vomiting rainbows, her drawing itself wasn't any better from a kindergarten's art!

He instantly made a mental note to teach her how to do one or two things better in the future.

But for now... Dang it! He just badly needed to laugh.


'What. The. Fuck?'

Margaux was torn between shock and amazed as she watched the dimple on Rome's cheek grew deeper. His handsome face distorted in a way that made her heart galloped inside her chest.

She was so dumb-founded that she already forgot why he was laughing!

She had already seen Rome's different corners, angry, mad, even his heart-less monster side.

But tonight, she felt like she was witnessing a miracle as she remained gaping at his handsome face.


Her Caro was capable of laughing!!

She made him laugh! Even if she didn't mean to nor she was joking about their house!

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