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   Chapter 27 Italian Promise

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"I-I don't like this on my head. It's not comfortable..."

"Bare it." Margaux's mouth shut upon hearing his objection.

Ironic too how he sounded pleading earlier, his tone came out abrasive to her ears this time.

She wanted to run with how his actions were making her remember something she would rather forget. However, she felt trapped in the comfort of his arms. Thus, she just held on to him more.

'Damn it! Stop thinking, Margaux! Stop...'

"Are you okay?"

She didn't answer and just shook her head, focusing herself on clearing her mind.

It took them a few minutes before Rome and she finally reached the treehouse.

She may not be able to explain how he managed to carry her up there easily. However, she was certain about how Rome frowned as he looked inside her tiny house in disbelief.

It was dark inside her treehouse with the only the moonlight illuminating it through the windows. There were holes in the walls. It was outrageously far from the matrimonial room she demanded the unknown man she gave her virginity to. There wasn't anything inside her place but a small wooden bed on one corner and a table at the other. There was not even electricity there.

In short, it was just a box with holes!.

"You got to be kidding me, Cara."

"I-it hadn't been taken cared of for years since my mom died, " she answered, feeling compelled to explain.

She was still looking around her favorite place when Rome carried her silently across the room. He was careful with his steps, avoiding some gaps on the floor. She could feel how reluctant he was to stay there but his mouth remained shut.

It took him some time, before finally putting her down on the bed and removing her veil.

Her lips parted upon remembering the words she had been practicing inside her before they met Wasn't she supposed to apologize for how she acted that morning?

She looked at Rome who was just standing before that time but then she wasn't able to blurt any words at all when Rome suddenly put his jacket back on her head and began drying her hair.




"Let's not talk about it, " he cut her off completely.

Awkward silence filled the whole room.

She was left eyeing him as he continued patiently drying her like she was the most precious thing in the world for him.

When her hair was finally damp, he took her bag from her and started rummaging it without even asking for permission. He then glanced at her and asked, "Are you cold, Cara?"

"Shouldn't I be the one asking you that?"

"I'm used to cold. Don't mind me." He deadpanned her again and just continued checking on her things.

Unsure if she should be opening her mouth, Margaux's bit her lips while still looking at Rome.

There were still beads of water running down his handsome face and his whole body was soaking wet too. Nonetheless, he didn't seem to bother about his own when he pulled out a blanket from her bag and sternly commanded her.

"Stand up"


"I said, stand up."

Noticing that she didn't move as quickly as he wanted, he grabbed her by her waist and pulled her up by himself.

He gave her an emotionless once-over and then without any ado, forced her to turn around until her back was facing him.

Soon and she heard him unzipping her negligee from behind. Her flimsy clothes fell on her feet shortly without even any resistance. She was left wearing nothing but her thongs.

"About face, Cara."

Although still very puzzled, Margaux followed his order this time and faced him.

She gasped when his hand quickly moved into the garter of her undies and then to her shock, snapped it off her. However, unlike the other things she was wearing, her underwear didn't end up in a puddle on her feet.

Why? Because Rome pocketed it after smirking at her naughtily!

She was about to complain about how much the underwear he just snapped was. She waved her hands and was to about to spitfire. However, her hand gradually dropped beside her when her eyes met the desire on his stare. She was rendered speechless.

His raw, unadulterated, and wild lust. was written across his handsome face. Little did he know how that image of him made her womb tightened in response.

Damn it! Was it normal for her to wet herself just because Rome was looking at him that way? She couldn't tell. She just knew that her folds were silent

and hardened his neck, doing his best to avoid staring at Margaux again. He knew that killing Greg right now would break his cara's heart. Thus, he decided to wait until she was over him.

He wasn't the type of guy who easily let his enemies past by him unharmed. To be honest, he already did something to Greg even before he came back to the villa.

Faking a laugh, he joked out, "Insane runs in our family, Escobar..."

[And you freaking took a good part of that genes!] he heard his brother kicked on something.

It took a couple of minutes more before Escobar finally collected himself and just like a dismayed older brother, began explaining things to him with a fake patient tone, [Just in case you are forgetting, Younger brother. You are there to kill Alejandro. The idea is to keep the friends close and the enemies closer. We need to learn their ways. We dispose of them after we run with the Amati. You shouldn't be engaging in any other things...]

"I know that, Escobar. Believe me, I'm even having nightmares about it."

[Good, ] Escobar sighed. [And about the daughter of Alejandro...]

"Our plan with her pursues, " he quickly cut him brother off when the topic twisted to Margaux.


"Yeah. Don't worry, " he responded.

However, as if he wasn't in control of himself looked at Margaux again. His expression was ironically soft compared to how his voice sounded concrete. He then started for the bed and laid next to her, careful enough not to wake her up.

[Make sure you got your fingers around her neck, Fratello...]

He cut the call at that point and just carelessly dropped his phone on the floor. He didn't want to hear about their plans anymore and he was beginning to be toxic with it.

His lips were shut when one of his arms moved to pull Margaux's soft body closer to him, making her stirred a bit and lazily opened her beautiful eyes.

"Caro..." she yawned on his face like a child and he ended up laughing at how it made her looked like a drowsy kitten.

She closed her eyes back and lethargically lifted herself. She yawned one more time while crawling above him, feeling his naked body as if searching for something. Then as if she finally found her favorite spot, she nonchalantly buried her face on his neck as if it was the most natural thing for her to do. She threw one of her arms across his shoulders and then one of her legs over her torso.

One last yawn and his sweet babyish wife ordered, "Caro, comb my hair."

Rome contentedly smiled. He kissed her hair and then just like a perfect husband, started raking his fingers through her soft strands, massaging her scalp a bit until she went back to sleep.

'Make sure that I got my fingers around Margaux's neck?' he smirked upon remembering what Escobar said. 'Damn, Fratello! I promised never to leave her. I'm sorry but no. Because doing what you want would mean I would have to die with her too.'

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