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   Chapter 26 Auction

Through the Dark Corners of Rome By hei cue Characters: 13442

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"24 Million."

Greg's eyes widened in horror as the floor to ceiling screen in front of him showed the number.

The room he was sitting in was dark with just the monitor illuminating it. The number blinked in bright red as the robotic voice of the woman behind her announced it through a microphone.

There were numbers of camera cubes on the screen too, like how it was when a team was doing a video call. Most of the people attending that cyber meeting were wearing masks, except for the couple who looked like they weren't sure of what they were into.

'Mom! Dad!' his mind screamed.

God knew how he ended up sitting inside that place after his parents called about receiving a red letter. He was barely conscious for days after Margaux's beast husband crashed some of his bones inside Golden Palm Hotel.

Little did he know that the red letter was a Money Game invitation and Margaux's husband was connected to the Dark Blue.

He was still recovering in his ward when a group of shadows suddenly broke into his room at midnight and dragged him out of the window. They sedated him and the next thing he knew, he was here.

"Current bid, 24 Million. Am I hearing someone say 40 Million?"

Greg wanted to faint!

His blurry eyes couldn't see anyone else inside that place but the lady who was currently hosting the bidding and the tall guy standing close to her desk with his mask on.

Every buzz he was hearing was making him cry harder and harder against the choke ball that was strapped around his mouth.

For Pete's sake! They were bidding for his head! He was being auctioned to the Deep Blue!

The Deep Blue was a society of people who were living underground. All of them were powerful individuals, all of them were millionaires who had strive by doing evil things; drugs, politics, religion, loan sharking, and even human trafficking.

He had heard about this group of people long ago but this was the very first time he saw how things were really being done inside it! He thought they were a hoax, but they weren't. They were really there, enjoying how they were playing with his life like he was just a piece of artifact.

In short, 'He. Was. In. Hell'.

The buzz sounded again, blinding him a little when the number on the screen changed.

He wanted to escape. He would if he could. However, his wrists were tightly tied on his chair and so were his feet.

"40 Million, for the head of Montecillo's shipyard heir. Anyone who wants to bid higher?"

Buzz... 60 Million.

Buzz... 80 Million.


"120 Million. Higher, Anyone?" Lucille gave Greg a cold looked from her desk.

She was sitting before her computer with the light from the monitor creating shadows on her delicate face. She was easily one of the most beautiful women she had seen in her corporate suit; pixie hair, elegant posture, and a deadly smirked while flicking her cigarette. But tonight, she looked no more than a devil to him! A heartless demoness!

It was at that moment when a buzz from the speaker sounded again.

"160 Million Dollars! Please, release my child. 160! 160..."

"Mister Montecillo, this will be my second warning. If we hear you hysterical within this bidding again, I will gladly kill your child even before the bidding is over." Lucille sounded very calm and composed when she threat. She then grabbed the magnum gun from her desk and nonchalantly pointed its nozzle to Greg.

Evil laughter flooded that Cyber auction when Greg's muffled scream echoed.

This was the first time he had experienced such terror and slowly he felt himself wet his pants!

Still professionally, Lucille put her gun down and straightened her back. She then looked at the eerie quiet man who was just standing beside her.

He might be wearing a mask while watching all the commotions on the screen. However, Lucille knew him so well that she could even draw how his face looked like under his mask, it was her master, Rome.

She shook her head disbelievingly. She knew that her master

rgaux." she mocked herself before stepping away.

There was suddenly a tinge of sadness flooding her just by the thought that the only man left in this world who was willing to say yes to most of her craziness turned his back at her.

She was lost in her own thoughts when she found herself walking to her dad's cellar. As usual, she picked a bottle of wine, grabbed the backpack she was hiding under one of the wooden cabinets there, and slid the bottle in her bag.

She emptily laughed when she went down the hallowed corridor of their villa. A few minutes after and she was already walking through the cold rain outside, uncaring if the water was soaking her through her robe.

She looked stupid as she trembled a bit, she was worse than getting freeze naked. Her robe and negligee weren't doing much to keep her warm.

Nonetheless, she just continued trudging without any care, stomping on some puddles with her barefoot as she started for her treehouse.

'I need to say sorry to Rome. That's absolute. I really need to say sorry. I cannot just let him leave me too. He is the only one I got now. I still need him. I still..'


It was that low voice that brought her back to the present. She was already close to the treehouse by then.

Still shaking a bit, she looked up to see who was standing before her and was surprised to meet his freezing amber glare. "C-caro..."

"What the hell are you doing here?"

"I-I'm searching for you... No, I mean... I'm about to go to the treehouse and..."

She wasn't able to finish what she was saying when Rome quickly removed his jacket and covered her head with it, protecting her from the cold drizzle.

His masculine scent left on his shirt got her heart hay wired, more so, when he bent over her and lifted her soaking bare feet from the ground.

Margaux couldn't point out what instantly made her feel blasted back in time!

His warm arms were around her as he carried her across the woods in a bridal style. The rain was still pouring against their skin but Rome didn't seem to mind the biting cold.

She was left speechless and confused until her eyes suddenly widened in shock. She remembered something!

A veil! She was wearing a random man's shirt, pretending that it was a veil as that man carried her to their matrimonial room!

Her hand sprung to grab the jacket on her head in horror. However, Rome stopped her just as quickly, making her realized that he had been intently focused on her face the whole time she was wearing his jacket as a veil.

"Keep it there, " he whispered. "Just... Please keep it there."



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