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   Chapter 25 Impossibe

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"OH, MY GOD...ump!" Margaux's scream could have shaken the walls if Rome's mouth didn't shut her up.

She was like fish wiggling her pathetic way out of his grasp for a while. However, her resistance to that kiss slowly melted when Rome's familiar taste spread in her mouth. He was slowly kissing her, tenderly even, like a husband who was just casually giving his wife an everyday good morning kiss.

She closed her eyes and naturally surrendered to him, grasping him by his muscled shoulders without breaking their kiss. It was her naked wet skin against his white shirt. They were toes to toes and lips to lips as Rome's shirt began to soak under the warm shower they were suddenly sharing. His eyes were closed too as if just savoring moment.


She hasn't recovered from the pleasant surprise yet when he abruptly spun her around to face the tiles of her bathroom. Her breast flattened on the cold wall while both of her hands ended up supporting her weight. There was a hard flesh poking her femininity from behind causing her womb to ache.


"Good morning, Cara mia, " he kissed her cheek while pinning her on the wall with one on his hands. She lethargically smiled when his overnight stubble sensually scraped her a bit.

"Good morning too, Car... Wait!"

Margaux's voice halted upon realizing something. Her eyes suddenly fluttered in shock when she turned her head to looked at the man behind her. "What are you doing in my shower...umh!"

He shut her up with another kiss before nonchalantly pulling her wet body closer to him. She moved to push him away but Rome was fast when he grabbed her waist and reached for the washcloth from the shower rack.

For the second time, she was caught in his mind-blowing kiss. Her wide eyes started to feel heavy again as her reluctance against him melt. She was drowning to him like an innocent moth to fire. Until she was back to standing still as she kissed him back.

Ambush kisses... It was something that has become common to her now since they silently agreed to 'use' each other. Yes, just plain and blunt using. Him, using her body as his sexual release toy and her using him in any way possible that would benefit her; an actor, a front, an emotional outlet and so forth.

"Rome, you cannot just barge into my room like this! More so, into my bathroom! What if my maid caught you..." She finally managed to say when Rome released her swollen lips. She was still panting when her knees suddenly wobbled. Rome just groped her breast from the back, massaging her thoroughly through the washcloth!

"Mind if I join you?" he breathed sensually on her ear not minding that he was already soaked too with his clothes still on. His muscled body pressed on her as his white shirt clung like a second skin on his perfectly sculpted physique.

Struggling to keep her sanity from turning into molten desire, Margaux let out an irritated sigh.

There was something not right here! How could this man suddenly appear inside her bathroom at seven in the morning and asked to join her bath? "This is absurd, Caro. We cannot let them know what we are doing..."

He shut her up with a kiss again. He was obviously not listening to any of her words. One of his hands cupped her chin while gently running his thumb on her soft cheek at the same time.

"Chill down, Cara. Our secret's safe, " he whispered reassuringly on her lips. His eyes were looking at her intently before he bent to kiss her again as if he wasn't getting enough of her.

Margaux's confusion was sweetly making her headache. More so, when Rome's lips traveled from her lips to her chin, and then her throat, before finally settling on the bruise Greg left her shoulder.

She huffed when a mild pain. She felt Rome stiffened too as if he felt the same thing. However, Rome just continued kissing it softly as if easing the ache. He then said in a regretting tone, "Sorry, I was late that night. Should I found you earlier, he should have not had the chance..."

"It's fine." she cut him off in an instant, not wanting to remember what Greg did to her. She still couldn't believe how Greg hurt her physically like that. More so, how this same man tenderly kissing her turned into a beast.

She palmed the excess water washing her face and then turned to the man behind her with a questioning look.

She was naked and he was drenching on his white shirt and jeans. She could feel his heat sipping on her skin with how close he was leaning to her. His cold eyes were on her face and she looked tiny under him. However, his size didn't even make her feel any fear. Rather, she felt strong whenever she was with him... dressed or undressed.

'Undressed? Seriously, Margaux?' She bit her lips when the temptation to looked down on his delicious body caught her. Fighting it back, she bent her neck to focus on his wet face instead.

"Golden Palm, " she started in a flat tone amid the sweet ache cruising her skin. Her eyes fell on his lips and she ended up fighting the urge to pull him and flatten her breast against his muscled chest.

"Yes, Cara? What it is?" he asked in a casual tone. He then stepped backward, sensing that she was about to


She was shocked when her eyes moved from the fist that hit the oak table, then to the old man's face who was gritting his teeth while looking at her disdainfully. Beside him was his wife who immediately pulled him away while pleading him to calm down.

Fear was suddenly consuming her but except for the dirty curse she blurted due to shock, she just remained stoned on her seat. "U-Uncle Leonardo, please calm down..."

"I need you to talk to your husband, Margaux.! The old man gritted in full anger and Margaux could tell by how he was clenching his fist that he wanted to hurt her, strangle her even. However, there was something else that she noticed with him too. Greg's father was crying!

"If this is about, Greg. Then don't worry I'm going to talk to my father..."

"Don't talk to your father! I'm begging you to talk to your husband!" It didn't even count a minute when the old man suddenly fell on his knees and started begging like a helpless child!

'Oh my God...'

"Tell your husband to spare my Greg, Margaux! I'm begging you... for old time's sake please..."

She was stunned!

She quickly stood up from her seat walked to the old man. However, Mrs. Montecillo, who was just beside him did the same and knelt before her too. Worse, she began wailing helplessly next to her feet as well while begging her.

The magnates of the Montecillo Shipyard were now bowing on her feet and all she could do was to confusedly stare at them. Her shock was beyond describable! Her mind was a wreck! More so, when the beautiful old Mrs. Montecillo crawled to her and hugged her legs, almost kissing her slippers.

"A-Aunt, please lift yourself. I... I..." she suddenly couldn't move and didn't know how to pull her up. She was a nobody compared to them and it wasn't right for these people to beg her like she was God.

"Margaux, do something... Spare Greg. I know that he hasn't been a good man to you but please... " the woman cried even more, wetting her skirt in the process.

"I don't know what you're talking about." She shook her head.

"I'm begging as a father, Margaux!" Then it was the old man who walked on his knees and caught both of her hands. He was holding her palms so tightly in an attempt to make her understand how brokenhearted he was. "I'm the one apologizing on Greg's behalf. Please... Talk to your husband, Margaux. Tell him to spare my son. I'm begging you."

"But I really don't know!"

It was at that point when Margaux felt like someone was looking at her. Her head turned to the open door of the library and instantly felt her whole world stopped. A man was standing just behind the half-closed door, watching all the drama silently with half of his face and body hidden.

He looked emotionless while staring down at the old lady and man. His eyes were dead and he even looked heartless. It was like he incapable of mercy at all!

"Have mercy, Margaux. Save my son..."

"R-Rome?" Her world went blank. She had lost counts of the minutes until she saw Rome silently turned and walked away.

'T-this can't be!' her mind screamed. 'He isn't capable. He is just a random freeloader whom my father took home. He can't! No way. There must be some identity mistakes going on here! My Caro cannot be a beast who can put a king to his knees!

That's impossible, right?'


Let's play a game! Who could guess what Rome did? Comment your answers!

Have a good night everyone! Happy reading!

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