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   Chapter 24 The Hitman

Through the Dark Corners of Rome By hei cue Characters: 12501

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Margaux felt the world stop when the dangerous voice tore through her rants. Her heart banged her chest together with the thinning air.

Slowly, she lifted her head to the figure before her until she was looking at his face.

To her surprise, the man before her wasn't wearing anything fancy at all, rather he was in a pair of jeans and black hoodie.

That shouldn't be since the celebration in the function hall was all about him. He was Mr. Rossu's client! The bridegroom himself!

"What the...G- Greg?" She felt a sudden gush of fear and confusion washed her belly. He was looking at her disdainfully and it was making her want to run. "H-How... Why are you... damn it! Isn't this supposed to be your engagement party?"

"Crowd isn't really my thing, baby. " He cut her off with a grim smile. And for a moment she thought she saw a monster in him. He didn't even look like the same man she had loved years ago. "I'd rather have a private party with someone than a crowd full of monkeys."He gave her a malicious once over and the goosebumps that crawled her skin was disgusting.

She tried to crawl away from his but Greg used one of his legs to block her way. She tried to crawl the other way but he did the same. As if playing a scary game with her. "G-Greg, please. Let's talk this over."

"We don't have to."

"Greg, please. Let's settle this once and for all. You are getting married to my cousin..."

"Married, Margaux!"

She was shaken by how loud Greg screamed those words. She was about to crawl away again but Greg immediately hovered over her and forcefully pulled her up by her shoulders.

She was wincing with how his fingers were buried in her flesh but the man didn't seem to mind. He was completely eaten by hate! It didn't even pass a second before Greg started shaking her like she was a worthless ragdoll.

"You fucking know that I don't want to be married! Not to you! Not to whoever! And this is all your fucking fault!" As if not contented with how he was hurting her, he pushed her forcefully to the wall, making her head hit it hard.

She whimpered in pain before saying, "G-Greg, I need to do it. Francine is pregnant and..."

"Such a dirty little lass! How could you do this to me, Margaux? I've waited for you for years!" he gritted. " How could you tell my family and forced them to marry me to your cousin! How could you possibly give your damn pussy so willingly to someone else! You owe it to me!"

Greg raised his hand from her and Margaux's eyes widened in horror. She watched his hard palm approaching to slap her face.

She closed her eyes and waited for the pain to struck her.


And waited some more...


"Shit!" Greg's pained voice boomed the lobby with a loud thud. The moment Margaux opened her eyes, she saw Greg down on the floor while writhing in pain.

Everything happened so fast and blurry that she couldn't explain how her heart raged. Nevertheless, She just remained looking at the man who suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

Then before she could even breath, the man approached Greg and kicked him with so much force that he inched on the floor.

For a moment, she thought she saw punches! Lots of it pulverizing the man who tried to hurt her.

There were grunts and cusses, all coming from her asshole ex. Greg was desperately fighting with the silent shadow pinning him down and killing him brutally with nothing but bare fists.

'Oh, God!' she covered her mouth when blood suddenly splattered on the floor.

The man above Greg was moving like a soulless machine with no trace of doubt at all. He looked like he was in an auto-mode to murder!


She hadn't seen violence this close. The blood staining the

itman to be specific. If only this woman knew how he was raised to do it. "Why, Margaux? Would you be happier if I just watched you get hit by that Garbage?"

"God! Caro, you almost killed Greg, " she exasperated with a hand wave and Rome silently found himself thanking all the gods.

Seeing her stress about him 'almost killing' someone was way lot better than seeing her stress because 'he was, in fact, a killer'. She even got the guts to nag like a machine-gun-mouthed- wife.

He realized how much he never wanted her to fear him.

He didn't know why but, he was certain that he would go crazy if she shut him down.

For the first time, he felt how powerful she was over him. More so earlier, when he found her being hurt by that worthless man, Greg. He instantly lost his mind. It wasn't his plan to kill anyone who wasn't connected to the Mafia but then he wasn't able to control himself too.

One thing for sure was that there was something about Margaux that he couldn't resist. He couldn't name what he was feeling for her. It was too strong, too scary, and it was coming to him in a rush that it was making him buckle sometimes.

Swallowing hard, he focused his eyes to the roads ahead.

It wouldn't be right to feel how he was feeling. He could play and fuck as much as he wanted but we had no right to feel anything. He was trained to just have two emotions, madness and neutral.

'So this is what you're considering better than silence, Rome?' he cocked his head when his mind mocked.

"What? Is everything sinking into you now? What if you really killed Greg? Do you understand what's happening? Everything will be messier than how it is now! You are going to be a murderer Rome. Do you get me?"

Finding Margaux's rants amusing, Rome ended up thinking if he should be sealing the beautiful woman's screaming mouth with a kiss. Nonetheless, he just let her rant all throughout the drive, feeling a lot better by just listening to her angry voice.

"Do you want to be a murderer, Rome? Is that what you really want?" She was so irritated that she ended up messing her hair while stomping her feet like a child against the car's floor. She was both cute and upset.

With a flat expression, Rome just shot her a short glanced and then raised his eyebrows.

'Murderer? You think I'm scared to be murderer? Oh, you got no clue, Cara... It is you who scares me more.'


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